It's yours truly, Gon-Gon! Always trust yourself and never give up!

Nickname(s) G
Gender Female
Role Hero
Team Team Tempest
Partner(s) Ai-Ai, Spike
Ability(-ies) Aerokinesis, Enhanced Stamina
Weapon(s) Tonfas

Gon-Gon is a young fighter in Figure 10: Digital Rev. She is part of the Real World troops. She is part of Team Tempest and her partners are Ai-Ai and Spike.



She hails from India and served as a priestess of the wind in the Village of the Wind there. She was trained years and year in martial arts there. She sensed one day a cry in the wind and meditated for several hours. She is one of the four Seers in the Real World Troops. Being a Seer meant she saw visions of A-Day coming.


Gon-Gon usually wears Chinese and Indian styled clothing. She wears something that resmbles a sari but in a spunkier, more modern style. It is adorned with ribbons. She also wears matching blue Chinese pants. Like Ai-Ai she is known for wearing her in pigtails or a resemblance of them. She also wears ribbons in her hair. Her warrior attire is somewhat the same but lighter clothing.


Gon-Gon is an outdoors person and has a strong connection to the wind. She is very kind and friendly. In battle, she is merciful. She is very passionate and mellow. She is also one of the strongest fighters in her group. Being in tact with nature and communication with the wind, she is not attached to technology.


She is the only one in her group with supernatural powers. She has the ability to control wind and communicate it. She also has enhanced stamina because of the wind rejuvenating her and her years of training. She is very fast and quick. She incorporated the power of wind with her weapons, twin tonfas allowing them to strike quickly like the wind.


  • She is the only one with supernatural abilities in her team.
  • She and Ai-Ai are the only ones from Asia.
  • She is one of the four Seers, the other three being Spectra, Talonscar, and Diana.
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