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Gemention Volf vs. Possessed Roxanoid! Episode 20

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( Gemention Volf heads towards Possessed Roxanoid with winds surrounding him, in ball form )

( Possessed Roxanoid splashes lava towards Gemention Volf )

( The winds push the lava away )

( Fires push from Possessed Roxanoid's swings at Gemention Volf, missing )

( Gemention Volf crashes into Possessed Roxanoid's chest, then bounces off with lava riding up, in slow motion )

( Possessed Roxanoid falls on his tail, while Gemention Volf comes out of his ball form and charges towards the sitting, Possessed Roxanoid )

( Possessed Roxanoid throws a lavaball at Gemention Volf )

( The lavaball splatters on Gemention Volf's face )

Gemention Volf) MY FACE!

( Possessed Roxanoid charges into Gemention Volf )

( Gemention Volf crashes into a cracked barrier wall )

( Possessed Roxanoid rams towards Gemention Volf )

( A sapphire, watery pulse comes from Gemention Volf, cooling his and pushing Possessed Roxanoid away )

Gemention Volf) That's better!

( Gemention Volf takes off towards Possessed Roxanoid with an emerald shield )

( Possessed Roxanoid releases a huge fireball )

( Gemention Volf's shield breaks under the pressure of the heat )

( The fireball passes Gemention Volf, while Gemention Volf appears with a ruby body )

Gemention Volf) ...

Possessed Roxanoid) DIE! *Releases a massive beam*

( Gemention Volf creates a sphere-like barrier out of diamond )

( The beam rubs off the shield, creating a lava wave )

( The lava wave pushes Gemention Volf's shielded body )

( Ghostaloid leaves Flameblaze Roxanoid's body )

Flameblaze Roxanoid) ...*Grabs shield* What the-


Gemention Volf) ...

Possession of the Win! Episode 21

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