That night, W has came home after picking up groceries for his mother...

( W places the groceries on the table )

Karen) Thank you, my son...*Coughs once*

W) You're welcome, my mother. *Grabs a few cans of soup*

( W places the cans on the counter )

Karen) *Coughs some more* How was your first day at school? *Coughs loudly*

W) It was fine, the school is kind-of empty, though.

Karen) Really? There's so many new students there, isn't there?

W) Yeah, but not one.

Karen) Oh...You're talking about her, it's fine. You'll find someone else, it was time to move on.

W) Yeah, but no one's treated me with that much respect. She allowed me to talk and be me. She gave me chances, unlike everyone else.

Karen) There's other people...People like Jessi-

W) No, we're done. We're not even friends anymore.

Karen) Why not? *Starts coughing again*

( W turns to opens a cabinet out )

W) *In a scary tone* People get annoying over time...

Karen) *Coughs*...Is everything alright?

W) Yeah. *Puts a can opener onto the counter*

Karen) I already made dinner.

W) You did?

Karen) Yeah, fried chicken.

W) That's not going to do, Mom. You're still sick, so we'll have soup tonight. We can have your fried chicken tomorrow, if you're feeling better.

Karen) Thanks Wolfgang. *Coughs*

W) You're welcome, Mom.

( Karen leaves the kitchen )

( W puts the can opener on a can and presses a button )

( The can opener starts moving )


Jayden) Game update 2, huh. *Clicks the link*

The page reads:

Game update 2 brings our orginized gaming community together. Video chats are now available.

Jayden) That's cool.

Controls have been set to the following keys:

  • Q
  • A
  • Z
  • W
  • S
  • X
  • E
  • D
  • C
  • Shift
  • Ctrl
  • Space
  • Right arrow
  • Left Arrow
  • Upwards Arrow
  • Downwards Arrow

Jayden) Aww...I liked using my comfortable keys...

Finally, we've added new g-power meters to follow health. Enjoy our game update.


( Jessica appears on Jayden's screen )

Jessica) So game's finally back...It's been a little while, you'd think they'd add more.

Jayden) Agreed.

Jessica) W's been a total <beep>.

Jayden) ...Okay?

Jessica) I didn't know I'd have to be his mentor...He's already been to our school before!

Jayden) Okay, good luck...I got a Spanish dude in my class. He's a cool dude - lucky I took Spanish - he used profanity towards Dan, though.

Jessica) Where is Dan anyways?

Jayden) You know, hanging out with his teammates.

Jessica) Okay.

Jayden) I so invited the Spanish dude to our team.

Jessica) Really...

Jayden) Yes and he accepted :D

Andrés Baldomero has joined your organization...

( Darren appears on Jayden's and Jessica's screen )

Darren) YO YO YO! I was suspended again.

Jessica) Question: Who are you?

Darren) The guy that's gone to your school for years...

Jessica) Anything else?

Darren) I like setting people on fire.

Jessica) Okay...

Darren) Besides who's the Subterra guy on our team. I need to teach that <beep> a lesson to why I should be Subterra!


Darren) Well, my parents are taking my internet away from an unknown amount of time, see ya! *Closes video chat*

Jessica) <Beep>

Jayden) Okay...


??? 1) What an awful girl...

??? 2) She obviously hates that kid.

??? 1) Yep.

??? 2) Spying is awesome. When do we move on?

??? 1) Soon...

In a battle...

( A small spider like bakugan crawls behind boxes )

( ??? picks a box up and throws it away )

( The small spider like bakugan backs away from the bakugan )

( ??? smashes another box with his fist )

( The spider like bakugan shoots acidic webs from its abdomen )

( ??? blocks with a metal crate )

( A hole burns in the crate )

( ??? slams the metal crate onto the ground )

( ??? lifts the metal crate back up, the spider like bakugan gone )

( ??? slams the metal crate onto the ground )

( The metal crate breaks, revealing the spider like bakugan )

( ??? stomps on the spider like bakugan )

???) Spiders deserve to be destroyed!

( The spider like bakugan returns to its ball form and disappears )

~Winners: Aerin and Anaklusmos~

~Losers: T and Scarrious~

Somewhere else...

T) *Holding glasses up* Interesting, looks like I found our A.

Scarrious) *Rolls off the transporting object* Monstrosity...terrifying!

15 minutes later, W and his mother, Karen, eat dinner...

Karen) *Coughs* You know, you're the best son I could have.

W) And you're the best Mom I could have...

Karen) But you should give Jessica another chance...She's a nice girl, whatever happened, you should at least be friends with her. She needed you then...

( W stirs his soup )

Gane Over: Episode 7

Gane Over: Episode 6 was...?

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