Inside Karen and W’s home, ??? is in W’s room…

???) *Picks up a picture of W and her* You still have this… *Places the picture back onto its dresser* I thought you’d get rid of it by now…

( ??? walks beside W’s TV, she stops and looks at it )

???) Big TV… *Looks down at the remote* Average remote.

( ??? moves on W’s bed )

???) I wonder how much you’ve missed me… *Sits down on W’s bed, remote still in hand* How much you’ve cried over *Lays down and softly says* me… I really wonder how long you’ve slept in this bed… *Remains quiet for a few minutes, messing with her hair via her freehand*

( ???’s head turns to W’s computer )

???) ...That use to be my computer… *Looks back up to the ceiling* … *Lifts the remote up, so she looks straight at it* How many days have I been gone… How many days have you wished you could see me one last time… How long has it been since… *Presses 3 buttons on the remote, 429*

Meanwhile, back in the AFKMRWZ Organization’s base…

( Adamska makes a left into another hallway )

( W also makes a left into the same hallway, catching up to Adamska )

W) *Looks over* How do you know my name?

Adamska) Your phone.

W) How’d you -

( E avoids making a left into another hallway and instead hides behind the corner, eavesdropping )

Adamska) Might want to get a better password, how’s your hand?

W) It’s fine…

( Adamska grabs a door handle, without really stopping beforehand and opens the door )

( W stops )

( Adamska points into the room with his other hand )

W) …

Adamska) Get in.

W) …

Adamska) Now.

W) I can’t…

Adamska) *Sighs* You can… *Lets the handle go*

W) <.<

( Adamska walks behind W and pushes him into the room )

W) *Slowly getting pushed into the room* … *Takes a few steps into the room*

( Adamska hurries into the room and slowly closes the door )

E) *Looks over* Oh, somebody is in trouble now…

Inside the room…

Aerin) Hi! *Waves*

Gane Over: Episode 24 was...?

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  1. What are your thoughts on the mysterious woman from the first scene?
  2. Are W’s days as being “W” numbered?

Gane Over: Episode 25

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