Matthias has led the AFKMRWZ organization into a meeting room. There is a podium with a laptop on it. All members sit in alphabetical order in seats, but the new recruits sit in the front row. Matthias stands at the podium looking at all members there...

( Matthias points at the first person )

Person 1) A!

( Matthias points at the second person )

Person 2) A!

( Matthias points at the third person)

Person 3) I!

( Matthias points at the fourth person )

Person 4) V!

( Matthias points at the fifth person )

Person 5) Z!

( Matthias points at the sixth person )

Person 6) Z.

Matthias) *Continues to point at the sixth person* What’s your name?!

Person 6) Zack.

Matthias) Get out of here! =D

Zack) <_<

Matthias) Or my good old buddy will destroy you!

Zack) Brat...*Gets up*

Matthias) I know what you are, but what am I?

( Zack walks away )

Matthias) You? *Hand points at the other Z*

Person 5) Zayn.

Matthias) Welcome. *Points to V* What about you?

V) VAU - My name’s actually Vance, I lied about my name being Vaugh.

Matthias) Sounds great! Welcome to the club. *Points to I* You, get out...You’re a girl, plus you look like you’re too old for me.

I) …*Slaps Matthias*

Matthias) OW! *Eyes water, as his head turns back to I* You can stay...You pack a powerful slap, so you can stay… Welcome to this beautiful organization now, Beauty…*Points at A 2*

Person 2) ANTHONY!

Matthias) *Points at the first person of this row* And you, I met you earlier, but what’s your name?

Person 1) Alexander... Alexander Adams, sir.

Matthias) Okay, Alexander... Anthony, come up here.

( Alexander and Anthony both stand up and walk to the podium )

Matthias) Anthony, get on the other side!

Anthony) Okay! *Walks to the right of the podium, while Alexander stands to the left*

Matthias) I want you both to place a hand on the outlined hand on each side... Alexander, you get the left and Anthony, you have the right.

( Anthony places his hand down onto the outside and his online game record appears on Matthias screen )

Matthias) You’re pretty good... Alexander, place your hand down now!

Alexander) *Backing away from the podium* ...

Matthias) What’s the matter, Adam?

Alexander) My name’s Alexander…

Matthias) No, Adam, that isn’t how it rolls.

Alexander) *Bites his lip* I guess you’re right…*Takes hat off* I don’t need this anymore then…

( The AFKMRWZ Organization members sitting, remain sitting, except for R and Y )

Matthias) Adam, just like before, you’ve betrayed me once again…

Adamska) Like before? Matthias, that was you who betrayed our group...It was your fault…

Matthias) MY FAULT?! *Points at Adamska* DESTROY HIM!

Adamska) Well, I have to run, BYE! *Runs*

R) *Quickly gets in Adamska’s way* WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! *Tries grabbing Adamska, but Adamska counters, sliding under him and tripping him*

( Adamska gets back up and feels tapping on his back )


( Adamska elbows the person behind him, which is Y )

( Y backs up )

( The door to the room open )

( Adamska runs out and sees W beside the door )

( Adamska and W have a brief staredown )


( W closes the door )

Adamska) Thanks, Wolfgang, but I suggest you stop hanging out with these people…*Continues to take off*

W) How do you know my name?

( Adamska runs into another hallway )

( The door bursts open, with Matthias coming right out )

W) …

Matthias) WHERE DID HE GO?!

W) … *Points to the opposite direction that Adamska went*

Matthias) Good, you relax! *Takes off and is followed by other members of the AFKMRWZ Organization*

W) How does he know me...

( Z passes W )

W) …

( No one else comes by, so W follows the direction Adamska actually took )

( E comes out of the room, looks both ways, and chooses to follow W )

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