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W has gotten down onto the sidewalk, but continues to run away from the hospital he was at. Right now, he has stopped to look at a pole across the street...

W) …

( Mystrone circles W’s head )

( Cars go by )

W) *Turns his head to the bent pole beside him* If only those nights didn’t happen...

( A bus goes by, hiding W )

( When the bus gets by, W is seen looking at the rainy and cloudy sky )

W) I miss you. *Continues running*

Back in the hospital, Karen’s getting surgery on her arm for a broken bone; her shoulder is also dislocated. Jessica sits outside the room, waiting on her phone...

( Jessica texts her Mom, letting her know she’ll be home late and asking if she can pick Karen up )

( Dan texts “Really?” to Jessica; a response to what happened )

( Jessica texts “Yeah.” )

( Dan texts “I miss all the good stuff.” )

( Jessica texts “You should hang out with me more than all the time you hangout with that game then.” )

( Jessica’s Mom texts back “Sure, what time?” )

( Jessica texts “I don’t know, I’ll text you when it’s time” )

( Jessica’s Mom responds with “K.” )

( Dan texts “I love the game.” )

( Jessica texts “More than ME?! WE’RE DONE!” )

( Dan responds “No, no, no, I love you more than the game.” )

( Jessica texts “Sure you do.” )

( Dan texts “I’m sorry.” )

( Jessica texts “I was just kidding.” )

( Dan “...Brb, match.” )

Jessica) …*Texts “Really?!”*

Meanwhile, Matthias plays online too...

???) *Game freezes* Infesa Activated - Face Webber *Unfreezes gameplay*

( Destruktus grabs Estoquro’s two poles, before he can make impact with him )

( Estoquro loses 250 g, while Destruktus loses 100 g )

( Destruktus spits webs out of his mouth )

??? *Freezes gameplay* Infesa Activated - Beatstick *Gameplay unfreezes*

( Estoquro’s two pole body detaches )

( The webs spat miss Estoquro )

( Destruktus loses 50 g; his G-power becomes 4850 )

( Estoquro’s left pole smashes into Destruktus’ head )

( Destruktus loses 20 g; his G-power becomes 4830 )

( Estoquro’s left pole returns to its normal position, touching the ground, while his right pole smashes into Destruktus’ head )

( Destruktus loses another 20 g, making his G-power 4810 )

( Estoquro’s right pole returns to its normal position and the pattern made repeats rapidly )

( Destruktus gets hit 10 more times, losing 200 g and throws Estoquro into the air soon after )

( Destruktus’ g-power becomes 4630, while Estoquro’s g-power is down to 2750 )

??? ) *Freezes game* Infesa Activated - Sticky Impact Slam *Unfreezes game*

( Destruktus shoots a web out of his mouth at Estoquro )

( Estoquro reaches his peak )

( The web hits Estoquro and pushes him higher up; Estoquro’s g-power drops to 2500 )

( Destruktus swings his head down to the ground )

( Estoquro’s body gets yanked towards the ground )

( Gameplay freezes )

???) Infesa Activated - Reeling Beatstick

( Gameplay unfreezes )

( Both of Estoquro’s poles, or his body, move like two wheels going down a road )

Destruktus) ...Do they really think their weak moves will hurt me?! *Grabs his web and pulls Estoquro in, to speed Estoquro’s time to get to him*

( Destruktus goes for a punch )

???) *Freezes gameplay* Finishing Infesa Activated - Suicide Club *Gameplay unfreezes*

( Estoquro gains a red aura, avoiding Destruktus’ punch to the side and quickly smashing into the side of Destruktus’ broad shoulder )


( Smoke erupts, with few flames seen within the smoke )

( Destruktus’ g-power drops to 2130, while Estoquro’s g-power becomes 0 )

???) Winner: Destruktus

Gane Over: Episode 20 was...?

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Gane Over: Episode 21

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