Karen (who’s always caring) has caught up with Jessica and comforted her. She now talks to Jessica, while walking back to W’s hospital room...

Karen) I didn’t know he was going to be like that...I never raised him like that...

Jessica) He’s been like that to me lately.

Karen) Do you know why?

Jessica) No, not at all.

Karen) Well, okay, I’ll have to get the answers out of him then.

Jessica) Thank you.

Karen) You’re welcome.

Jessica) I’m sorry for speaking to you like I did earlier.

Karen) It’s fine.

Jessica) I didn’t think he would be like that. after I talked to you with my raised voice.

Karen) It’s fine, Jess.

Jessica) I should have kept in mind about how protective he is about you.

Karen) Oh Jessica, it’s fine.

Jessica) It’s not fine...

Karen) Jess, it’s fine.

In his hospital room, W writes on a piece of scrap paper he found, with his right hand...

W) No respect.

( Mystrone rolls once )

W) No loyalty.

( Mystrone rolls off the piece of wooden furniture it’s on )

W) I’ll not have to deal with sick people again...

( Mystrone floats onto W’s bed )

( W finishes the third sentence to his note )

W) And it’s time for my own life...

( Mystrone floats to W’s head )

W) Glad to see you moving - we’re leaving...*Grabs Mystrone with his right hand*

( W signs his name )

W) *Puts the pen and note down* Like we ever needed them...*Gets out of bed* I’ve left once *Walks over to the window* and I’ll leave again...

( Thunder rumbles, after a lightning bolt moments ago )

Karen) Wolfgang.

( W gets onto the windowsill )

Karen) *Walks into the room with Jessica* What do you think you’re doing?!

Jessica) Wolfgang, don’t do it!

W) Ph, like either of you NEED me. *Getting ready to jump*

Karen) *Runs up* My son, please don’t...Mom loves you...

Jessica) *Backing out of the room* And I still like you.

W) Well, I hate you b- *Injured left hand grabbed by Karen* …

Karen) And I need you...You’re the man of our house...

( Jessica leaves the room )

W) *Looks down to Karen’s face* Then find a new man! *Slaps Karen and jumps off the ledge*

( Karen’s arm gets yanked over the windowsill, until she finally lets go )

( Jessica returns to the room )

( Karen’s arm doesn’t move, but she sits against against the wall. Her head is to her knees and she cries )


( W looks up to the window, sad, but soon runs off )

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