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Dan is brawling online against a random opponent. Bedge and his opponent, Frangos, brawl on a small island surrounded by water...

( Bedge punches Frangos’ single horn on his head )

( Frangos’ g-power drops to 2,000, as his horn shatters )

( Gameplay suddenly freezes )

???) Infesa activated - Back-roar

( Gameplay unfreezes )

( Frangos lifts his head up )

( Bedge punches Frangos’ head and deals 500 damage easily )

Frangos) *Collapses onto the ground* NOT FAI-

???) *Freezes gameplay* Infesa activated - Terra-smash *Gameplay returns to normal*

Frangos -IR!

Bedge) *Grabs a handful of Frangos’ skin and lifts him into the air* KNOW YOUR ENVIRONMENT! *Holds Frangos into the air, before slamming him down hard onto the ground*

( Frangos’ body sinks into the sand; he turns to white energy )

???) Winner: Bedge

Seconds later, Dan and Bedge get into a second brawl, after their fairly easy win over an AFKMRWZ member. Bedge and his opponent duel in a desert...

( A wormish Ganaergon tries to headbutt Bedge, but Bedge blocks )

( Bedge’s g-power drops to 3,400 from 3,500 )

( Time freezes )

???) *In a deep voice* Infensa Activated - Earth Breaker

( Game unfreezes )

( Bedge’s fists turn orange )

( The wormish Ganaergon backs his head away )

( Bedge grabs the wormish Ganaergon quickly )

Bedge) *Squeezes its squishy body* START FERTILIZING! *Lets the Ganaergon go and slams his other fist into him*

( The wormish Ganaergon shoots into a sandy hill to never be seen again )


( White energy explodes and ruins the hill )

???) Winner: Bedge

Soon after that, Dan and Bedge get into another brawl against. Bedge appears in an icy environment, on a snowy mountain...

Bedge) WATER! *Lifts his foot up*

??? 2) So we meet again, scaredy cat!

Bedge) Killer bear, not scaredy cat!

( Bedge’s g-power bar increases from 0 to 3,500 )

( ??? 2’s g-power bar increases from 0 to 5,000 and his name is revealed as Frangos )

???) START! *Game freezes and two cards comes out of the ground* Infensa Activated - Earth Breaker! Infensa Activated - Fang Away *The cards disappear and the game unfreezes*

( Bedge’s left fist turns orange )

( Frangos charges towards Bedge )

( Bedge charges towards Frangos, with his left fist held back )

( Bedge loses G-Power via his charging, while Frangos gains G-Power via charging )

( When close, Frangos slides under Bedge, right before Bedge swings his fist and misses )

( Bedge’s G-Power stops at 3439, while Frangos’ stops at 5,100 )

( Frangos turns around, lifting his head up )

Bedge) *Left fist returns to normal* What a weasel! *Turns around*

( Frangos’ two fangs shoot off, with a wire attached to each; one stabs Bedge’s body, while Bedge traps the other fang between his arm, looking like it also stabbed him. Bedge is also pushed into the air )

( Bedge’s G-Power drops to 3,189 and continues to decrease from his wound )

( Frangos forcefully brings his head down )

( Bedge is slammed onto the frozen, snowy ground, while a slight movement cause Frangos to be thrown )

( Bedge’s G-Power decreases to 3,000 )

( Frangos crashes into an evergreen tree, which snaps off its trunk and falls onto Frangos, and rolls off and down the mountain )

( Frangos G-Power becomes 4,100 and continues to decrease by some of his dark armor cracking )

( Bedge starts getting back up, but is frozen halfway into it )

???) Infensa Activated - Powered Slam *Unfreezes game*

( Bedge gets back up, throwing Frangos into the air afterwards via the wires )

???) *Freezes game, with a card spinning between Bedge and Frangos* Infensa Activated - Slingshot Impact *The game unfreezes and the card disappears*

( Frangos’ body eminants a black aura, as the wires reel into his mouth )

Bedge) Heh, THAT WOULDN’T WORK! *Pulls the wires*

( Frangos gains speed, loses control, and crashes his injured side into Bedge )

( Bedge catches Frangos, instead of falling )

Bedge) THAT ISN’T GOING TO WORK! *Slams Frangos onto the ground*

( Frangos’ G-Power becomes 3,900 )

???) Infensa Activated - Earth Rocker

Bedge) Heh, YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING TO ME NOW! *Slams front paws into Frangos, creating a small earthquake*

( Frangos’ G-Power drops to 3,250 )

( Frangos makes no movement )

( Bedge starts rapidly slamming his paws down onto Frangos )

( Frangos’ G-Power quickly drops to 2,000 )

( Frangos still doesn’t move )

Bedge) ERR...I HATE AFKERS! *Backs away* DAN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! WE CAN FINISH HIM RIGHT NOW...THIS SUCKS! *Sits down* I HATE WATER! *Quickly gets back up*

( Bedge’s G-Power is now at 2,500 by his wound )


Frangos) There’s always another day, hehehe...Another day, we'll meet and I will finish you off...*Turns into black energy*

???) Winner: Bedge

Gane Over: Episode 17 was...?

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Thoughts? Comment below. Also, if you have any questions, please ask them at Questions and Answers - Wednesday: June 26th 2013.


  1. What do you think of how the brawls were done?
  2. Any suggestions on how I could improve these brawls?

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