Full House Season 9 is the fanmade ninth season of the famous Full House (no not that Korean thing) TV series, it takes place after Season 8, the Tanners are going through much more struggles in their life, watch and see.

Episode ListEdit

Episode Name Info
Where's Dad, Part 1 When Danny goes on an important meeting involving Wake Up San Francisco, he doesn't return the day after, and everybody is worried that something happened to him, everyone goes on a search for Danny. Meanwhile, Danny is actually just on a trip, but the others don't know this...
Where's Dad, Part 2 Danny is unable to be found, and everyone is depressed, and much to a shock, Jesse acts as Danny and becomes the main dad of the house, but this later becomes too much of a problem. Will Danny return? Or will Jesse be the next Danny Tanner?
Date Or Disaster? D.J and Steve have their first date since they got back together, but they are both nervous, will this date turn into a disaster?
Stephanie's Debut Stephanie lands a big role in a school play, but a rival tries to stop her from performing no matter what.
Big School Bully A bully named Zack bullies Teddy in school, Michelle tries to get revenge but gets embarassed by him, will this bully be dealed with?
Joey Times Two Joey is met by another comedian named Jimmy who looks similar to Joey and his jokes are even similar to him, but even better! Joey later enters a competition at the Giggle Box, but Jimmy also enters as well, it's a duel to the death for those two.
Hairphobia alejandro quits
Terrible Twin Trio twin ep
Going Home... becky ep
Cousin Tanner
Battle Of The Tanners
Back Together Again vicki returns
Jesse Of Oz jesse in oz
Gibbler's Gate
Camp Tanner
The House Goes Hollywood! When Danny Wins A Trip To Hollywood, The Tanners Go To Hollywood For Vacation. But Jesse's Old Foe Goes To Hollywood, He Is Trying To Steal Their Ticket To Being Famous! So The Tanner Family Must Get To Hollywood's Famous Place Before Its Too Late! (This Is The First 1-Hour Special)
Medical Bear Surgeon
Game Night
The Adventures Of Comet
Goodbye Michelle
I Gotta Return This
Nightmare On Tanner Street 1 hour season finale ep 23

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