Pink's guardian bakugan.



She is a wolf, with little feathers on her legs. She can fly with low range. She can make huge flashes, that have a pinkish color to it. She has two horns on her head that are as long as her body.




Sunshine Flash! ( Flarier flashes, blinding the opponent )

Duborn Buzzer! ( With an annoying buzz from Flarier's horns, the opponent gets immobilized in pain )

Flashbomb! ( Flarier releases a bomb-like sphere from his horn, at his opponent )

Flash Blind! ( Flarier makes a flash that grabs and holds the opponent still )

Pophorn! ( Flarier's horns pop up as a shield either pointing staight into the air or lands in-front of her )

Hide and Seek! ( Flarier travels in a hidden beam )

Ultimate Ability:Edit

Burning Flashbright ( Flarier's body glows as she charges into opponent with a surrounding beam of light, that burns the opponent )

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