AUTHOR NOTE: Tendors' name has been changed to Atticus

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It seemed like my days were over, this miraculous accident had caused me to be away from my "family". I had been taken to a secret facility and met someone named Avian. Avian wore a red like jacket and had a V shaped badge, his face almost looked like he was going to kill me, well that's just great.

"Do you know what you are here Atticus?" Said Avian. He seems to know my name though, wonder if he has been watching me. Avian explains that he is not here to harm me thankfully, but that he is part of the Vengeance Resistance, a group against the most gruesome people who try to mess with the beloved planet of Aeon. Beloved? Nah, this planet has been filled with despair from what I've heard, after the "Great Dontai War". Avian tells me that he needs MY help in order to save the planet of Aeon, he offers me a splendid weapon called the "Temptation Knuckles", I refuse, how in the world can the planet just come back together easily?

Honestly, I had nowhere to go, so I had to join Avian, so I did; Thus begun the Excursion. Meanwhile, Razen or "Nine" has already began his conquest, he seems to have transformed from the absorbed nutrients of the last surviving lands of the planet that haven't been "corrupted". Razen had returned to his original homeland in order to murder the other Isol's, what a cruel being.

The scene shifts to a dark corner where Isol-00 (Zero), who has been waiting for Razen the whole time.

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