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The dark streets of Aeon, the cities had still have been trashed after decades ago, the air was like toxic, It's like you couldn't even breathe there. The place was like, so quiet too, It is said if anyone steps in the dark reaches of the planet Aeon, they would meet their demise.

Down into the far reaches of the ground, a strange temple had risen, it was surrounded with electrifying energy.

Something clicked and a wall started to move, revealing a hidden entrance. A cloaked man had walked into the miraculous bunker, he walked through a wretched laboratory, the experiments seemed to be tortured by whoever captured them, poor, poor them.

The figure had met with his brethren, also known as the Isol. That hooded figure you say earlier was known as Isol-09, or commonly referred to "Nine". His other "brothers" actually had the same name though, but they had different numbers, such as Isol-00, known as "Zero", he is the main leader of the Isol's.

"I am sick and tired of this corrupted wasteland.", said Nine. "You should really calm down Nine, we're not so happy to live in this place too, our only motive is to protect Aeon from any evil." Spoke Seven. Isol-09 had been sick and tired of his brothers, he wanted to be free, and he figured the only way to do so is to steal the most greatest weapon of them all, the Berserkor.

The Berserkor was some kind of drill locked away by the Isol, it originally belonged to a dark king, but that corrupted king had been banished from the face of Aeon. You think the Berserkor is just some basic, stupid drill? Not at all, this weapon is capable of absorbing the land's soil, water, and plantation to create a unbelievable energy. It could cause massive earthquakes and much more destruction too, now you see why it was locked up.

"Out of my way!" Screamed Nine, he was aiming for the Berserkor, and the leader of the Isol, Zero, knew he would. Nine had stricken through the barrier that locked up the Berserkor, the barrier actually was so strong that only the Isol's could break through it.

"This weapon is all mine, now I can build a new world with the energy from the terrain, then, I can finally destroy you all!" "Don't say that, you cannot use this weapon, do you know what dangers It can cause?" Said Isol-01. Isol-09 had grabbed the Berserkor, and begun to fly away with the weapon, but his brothers Five and Six wouldn't let him do this, they attempted to use their powers to stop the now evil Isol-09, but it was too late, Nine had defeated them in one attack, It appeared that he was more stronger than his brothers had thought.

"Now, lets see what I can do with this weapon, perhaps I can finally overthrow Zero after all, I can't believe he is the leader out of all of us, he must be eliminated."

Wake up.

I had woken up to another peaceful day in Ploza Plains, oh, you probably want to know who I am. My name is Atticus, I'm some person who lives with the leader of this tribal group called the Dontais. Apparently I was adopted, according to my "father" Gorio.

"Atticus, hurry up! It's time for the Ceremony of the Sun!" Said Mongo, also known as my brother. I went outside and saw the beautiful scenery of this place, too bad the rest of Aeon is extremely dangerous, Ploza Plains is the only place that wasn't turned into a dark and corrupted wasteland.

All of us enjoyed the Ceremony of the Sun, which was some festive thing where we all make wishes to the sun, everyone just wishes for the place we live in to be safe. Hours later, the Sun was about to set, we all were about to make our wishes until something happened.

While the sun was about to set, the corrupted Isol-09 had begun his conquest and had found that Ploza Plains had a rich variety of soil for him to use to rule the entire planet Aeon. Isol-09 had activated the destructive weapon, but did he know he would cause something nobody could ever expect.


The ground started to shake, the terrain had cracked and everyone began to scream, Gorio told the others to calm down, he told everyone to evacuate to the other side, where it would be safe, everyone ran in fear as this was the time.

Isol-09 had been amazed by the power of the Berserkor, he never seen that kind of power. He felt with joy even though the planet he lives on had begun a massive fissure that may rip the entire planet of Aeon in half. Isol-09 had laughed maniacally as his plan had begun evolve into a greater plot.

Everyone was evacuated, except me, the ground had already ripped apart, me and my "father" Gorio were about to be separated possibly forever, Gorio grabbed my hand, he was about to pull me into safety, but a mysterious figure suddenly grabbed me in the process! Gorio yelled out my name, it appeared that Gorio had lost me.

"Hello there."
"Who are you?"
"Who am I?"
"I am, Avian."


Next Ep: Fissure, Part 2

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