Fight Series Shorts
Written by: GamingFanatic
Number of episodes: Unknown
Series length September 27, 2012 - Present
Genre Action-Adventure, Comedy
Status Ongoing

Fight Series Shorts is a is a spin-off of the Fight Series created by GamingFanatic


Fight Series Shorts are basically filler episodes for the entire series. These will have nothing to do with the overall plot and will feature episodes in styles similar to plotless cartoons like Scooby-Doo and SpongeBob. They each will also take place between seasons.


New Battle BrawlersEdit

Recurring CharactersEdit

Single-Episode CharactersEdit


  1. Fight Series Shorts - Super Car - The NBB get their hands on an extraordinary car.
  2. Fight Series Shorts - Halloweenie - The NBB gets invited to a mansion. But is it as fun as it sounds...?
  3. Fight Series Shorts - Burger vs Burrito - Matthew and Nathan fight over which is better: Burgers or burritos.
  4. Fight Series Shorts - Bored - Based off the sixth episode of Bakugan Galaxy, since it was still canon to the series.
  5. Fight Series Shorts - Crushed - Part 1: Michael gains a crush and wonders if she likes him back. Meanwhile, Matthew and Nathan enter a thumb-wrestling tournament. (NEED TO REWRITE)
  6. Fight Series Shorts - Thumbs and Diaries - Part 2: After Michael and Serena somehow switch bodies, Michael tries to get Serena's diary to open to see if she likes him after not being able to find the key while the others distract Serena. Meanwhile, the thumb-wrestling tournament begins. (NEED TO REWRITE!)
  7. Fight Series Shorts - Lucky Penny - A pie-baking contest begins in Bayview and the NBB and Serena all enter.
  8. Fight Series Shorts - Amnesiac Dragon - Drago goes missing and gets amnesia.
  9. Fight Series Shorts - First Date - Michael and Serena go on their first date, but this is their literal first dates.

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