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Used By None
Gender Female
G-Power Unknown
Attribute None (appears Darkus)
Weaponry Judgement
Family None
Title Harbinger of Doom

Doomed One

Status Alive


The creator of the Doom Dimension, Fate is responsible for controlling the alternate dimension as well as guiding the souls of dead Bakugan into the Doom Dimension. Instead of doing these responsibilities, Fate was intrigued by other races. She created Doom Cards for others to add more Bakugan to the Doom Dimension.


Fate is usually very lazy and carefree, and as such she slacked on her responsibilities. She doesn't care for anyone's well-being most of the time. However, when threatened, she becomes a steadfast and powerful figure, showing opponents that dare challenge a diety not to underestimate her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Doomed Queen: Any Bakugan or creature other than humans that are in the Doom Dimension for at least 24 hours can be summoned by Fate as a minion, and must do her will. These minions have enhanced abilities usually far beyond their own potential. This ability can only be used when Judgement is in Fate's hand.
  • Eternal Thrall: A constant power that is unique to Fate, any and all that Fate defeats can be immediately sent to the Doom Dimension at her will. She can also create infinite Doom Cards.
  • Magic: Fate is proficient with various kinds of magic that she has learned to master, some of the more common are:
    • ​Necromancy
    • Ice Magic
    • Conjuration
  • Soul Energy: By channeling souls into Judgement, Fate uses this power to fuel her spells as well as enhance her physical and magical abilities. She also uses a very small portion of this power to transform Judgement's scepter head into a scythe made of soul energy as well as increasing the length of the rod.
  • Immortality
  • Shapeshifting
  • Doom Mark

Battling StyleEdit

Fate usually does not engage in battle directly, instead using summoned minions and undead creatures to attack the enemy. However, when she does, she is ruthless and bloodthirsty, using Soul Energy to make Judgement more suitable for combat, and uses Ice Magic to destroy her enemies. She uses Doom Marks on distant enemies and to create traps around her, and uses necromancy on dead enemies and summons more minions from the Doom Dimension to overwhelm her enemies.


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