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Samantha) WOLFGA...Dad...

Blue) Hey Samantha...Umm...I knocked the head off the dummy...

Samantha) Okay...?

( Blue continues to try to put the dummy's head back on )

Blue) Yep, I think I broke it...

Samantha) No, you never broke it...

( Samantha walks over to Blue )

( Samantha takes the head from Blue )

Samantha) Okay...You just have to stick it in...

( Samantha puts the head on the dummy )

Samantha) Okay...Now just flip the switch...

( Samantha flips the switch )


( Samantha lets go of the head )

Samantha) ...Watching Wolfgang did make it easy...

Blue) Okay, how is he anyways?

( Samantha looks at the ground )

Samantha) Uhh...He's doing...

Blue) He's doing?

Samantha) I don't know...

Blue) Don't know? He's your husband...

Samantha) I don't know...I don't know what happened to him...

Blue) What do you mean?

Samantha) I had to leave without him...I had my hair all curled up for him too, but he just went missing and it's probably Arric's fault!

Blue) Arric...I thought he was with you guys...

Samantha) He isn't, Arric has been controlling people and that's what I think happened to Wolfgang, I think it finally took him over after all this time...He told me he couldn't last much longer either...

Blue) And you couldn't tell me to leave Corper and try to help?

Samantha) I'm sorry about not calling you...

Blue) Okay, except I am your father and I deserve to know these things...

Samantha) I know, but... ( Interruption )

Blue) Samantha...Samantha?

( Samantha starts to wobble )


( Samantha's eyes close as she falls )

( Blue quickly grabs Samantha before she crashes to the ground )

Blue) I finally comeback and she passes out...Nice...Just great...

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