Fabia Sheen
Fabia Sheen
Age 14
Gender Female
Race Neathian
Home Planet Neathia
Hometown Unknown (Neathian capital)
Occupation Brawler
Princess of Neathia
Queen of Neathia
Family Serena Sheen (Older sister)
Relationships Jin (Ex-fiancé - Deceased)
Main Attribute Haos Haos
Guardian Bakugan Mystic Aranaut
Crescent Aranaut
Status Alive

Fabia Sheen (Jp: ファビアシーン) is a protagonist in the Fight Series.





Mystic AranautEdit

  • Abilities:
    • Mirage Blower: Aranaut slashes at the opponent.
    • Mirage Shield: Araunaut makes a shield out of light to protect himself from the opponent's attack.
    • Jumping Mirage: Aranaut vanishes, leaving a copy of himself behind.
    • Aurora Impact: Aranaut fires a giant beam at the opponent.
    • Spiral Glowdown: Aranaut leaps towards the opponent and delivers a very powerful punch to their face.
  • Appearances:


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