• Low Blow - A strike to a wrestler's groin that leads to an immediate disqualification. Although a kick is easier, some wrestlers kneel and strike another wrestler's groin with the inside of their elbow-joint.
  • Eye Poke - A poke to a wrestler's eye; also called "a thumb to the eye."
  • Back Rake - Scratching to a wrestler's back.
  • Biting - When a wrestler is bit.


  • Nose Grapple - The grabbing of a wrestler's nose. 
  • Hangman - When a wrestler under the ring ropes is catapulted into the bottom or second rope and their neck hits the rope.
  • Hair Pull - Pulling of a wrestler's hair.
  • Testicular Claw - A clawhold where a wrestler's testicles are squeezed. 


  • Choking - Any choke that cuts off breathing. 

Others: Edit

Trapping an opponent in a corner, repeated strikes in a corner or by mounting an opponent, keeping an opponent in a submission hold when they're holding the ropes, attacking an opponent trapped by ring ropes and remaining in the ring after being tagged out can all lead to a disqualification after a 5 count is reached. 

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