August 20, 2014:

Outside on a dark night, Killbane, Halo, and Ebony all stand with a lit torch in each of their hands. Killbane stands in the middle, while Halo is to Killbane’s left, and Ebony is to Killbane’s right. Killbane wears his dark red coat, red, flaming-skull mask, and red contacts. Halo wears his white and gold jack, white skull mask, and gold contacts. Ebony wears his black coat, black skull mask, and black eye contacts.

Ebony) “Three weeks ago, we assaulted one brain and one bronze.”

Halo) “Last week, we assaulted one speedy luchador.”

Killbane) “Multi-Intelligence and Viento.”

Halo) “Multi-Intelligence, you weren’t too intelligent by complaining about your loss. You had what was coming for you.”

Ebony) “Viento, you traitor, you costed our leader, Killbane, a chance at becoming FLW’s Inaugural Tag Team Championships when you wouldn’t help him. You had what was coming for you.”

Killbane) “Hopefully you learn to not anger us.”

Halo) “Multi-Intelligence, we smashed chairs over your heads because you didn’t know honor. This was avoidable if you sucked your loss up and moved on.”

Killbane) “So remember,”

Halo and Ebony) “Remember.”

Killbane) “Ha, remember...How can they remember? They were concussed!”

Halo) “Welcome to Hell, Multi-Intelligence,” he mutters before blowing his torch out and backing into darkness.”

Ebony) “Viento, we broke chairs over your back because justice needed to be served. This was avoidable if you helped your team of you and Killbane win his match.”

Killbane) “So remember, betraying us breaks your bones...Literally.”

Ebony) “Welcome to Hell, Viento,” he mutters before blowing his torch out and fading into darkness.”

Killbane) “Viento, Multi-Intelligence, prepare for your final ride,” he says with confidence, before blowing his torch out and vanishing into darkness.

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