Summer 2015


The planet Aeon is strange, it has been affected by a mysterious power after a deity named Omnin tried to absorb the planet, the power was unleashed among the world giving humans supernatural abilities. A group of heroes will rise and stop Omnin's uprising to become the most powerful being.


Excursion will be about superheroes, mainly mutated ones. It follows the formula of the old version with the fissure story.


Main CharactersEdit

  • TBA: A teenager who has mysterious powers, not exactly known how unlike the other characters but he has the ability to run at high speeds and can regenerate injuries, he also has control over density.
  • Titania: A british girl who can control electromagnetic fields Magneto ripoff and can bend metals, she has a sword which makes her more original I guess?
  • Donald Glover as Forecast: An african american who is close friends with the protagonist, he has the ability to control the weather but his main abilities include summoning storms and using lightning like powers. He's currently the only one who can technically fly, and the other characters are jealous.
  • Ki Hong Lee as Zodiac: A Chinese boy who can transform into creatures of constellations like a pig, heck even a Sagitarrius.
  • Captain Cryno: Russian dude, even has the accent, a soldier who was thought to be dead in the Fissure incident, he gained ice powers and was frozen for decades until he was recovered. He can shoot icicles and his hand, he's like that gem thing from Ben 10.
  • Vennu Mallesh as Dr. Periodic: An insane Indian scientist who can survive things like nuclear weapons and gamma radiation, he's not the Hulk but he claims he "ate the periodic table" and is a brilliant scientist, not exactly having powers to fight he has some interesting weapons that even humans have not created.
  • Dart: Former-criminal, he is an assassin/spy who helps out the main characters
  • Omnin: The main antagonist, an android who was part of the Augur organization, he caused the event that gave mutations and supernatural abilities to certain human beings on Aeon. Notably the saviors.
  • Carel Struycken as Aegis: A tall figure who was lost in the deep underground, he has the ability to form rocks from his hands, basically anywhere.. even his ****. He is entirely covered in rocks except for half of his scared face
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Faust: Wealthy businessman who is the mayor of (inserthugecityhere), he's a minor villain in the beginning but will later become a huge threat to the saviors. He's inspired by Lex Luthor.
  • TBA as Spectra: An Alter that has ghost abilities, the Alter can walk through walls disappear and fly, the Alter also can fire plasma like bursts. This Alter is later revealed to be a child of Faust, yet the mayor doesn't know...

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • ???: A wise old man who knows a lot about the powers given to the humans, he helps the team out, he's like the strategist. He's like Professor X.
  • The Six: Organization created by the government after secret testing on humans, they are meant to kill the saviors.
    • ???: The leader, he's just an ordinary human who was given a metalic skeleton and increased strength..
    • Khan: Used to work with Dr. Periodic, he has a very good nose. What a dumb power, what he really does is use chemicals like toxic gas to kill Alters.
    • Angel: Former pilot, a Falcon rip-off. She has a crossbow.
    • Scorpion: He lost his legs, so the horrible scientists cut them off and replaced them with a scorpion like exoskeleton.
    • Youngblood: The youngest member of the team, he has invisibility, he hides in the shadows. He's a vampire who has control of a bat army. He's not Batman.
    • Armes: Some old man who has a large amount of microbots and other weird contraptions. He doesn't really fight, his "friends" fight for him.


Arc 1: A New AgeEdit

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