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A team of brawlers who have carbon bakugans of their counterparts, bakugan. They were made by Evil Wolf, their leader.


Evil Wolf- Leader

Evil Wolfgang

Evil Serenity

Evil Nuzamaki90

Evil Airzel-of-Haos

Evil Crimsonstorm

Evil Nintendocan

Evil Taylean2002

Evil PyrusMaster82

Evil Valentin98

Evil Wolfgirl12390


Evil C22Helios

Evil Aslihian

Evil DinoQueen13

Evil Kyleronco

Evil Darkusfan202

Evil Redakaibakulover

Evil Farbas

Evil Scar-RedNovaDragon

Evil Skawo1

Evil Titaniumgirl

Evil Ghgt99

Evil Frosting128

Evil KellynKaz

Evil DarkNovaX

Evil Demiser

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