Gender Male
G-Power 3500
Attribute Pyrus Pyrus
Role Offensive
Variations Estoquro
Bakugan's Partner Andrés Baldomero
Protagonist or Antagonist Protagonist

Description: His body is made up of two poles from tail to head. His mouth is between the two poles - he has no eyes, but can sense movement with the sharp tips on his poles. He has multiple swords as claws on his feet and hands. He has two hands and feet; blade like spikes all over his body.

Personality: Loves attacking head on. He's a first hit talk later type of bakugan.

History: Unknown

Gane OverEdit



  • Beatstick - Estoquro repetitively smashes into his opponent with his two pole body.
  • Reeling Beatstick - Estoquro moves like wheels, while smashing into the ground repetitively, until he reaches his opponent.

Signature Abilities:Edit

Finisher Abilities:Edit

  • Suicide Club - Estoquro smashes into his opponent and self-destructs. All g-power he has is inflicted to his opponent, while his g-power becomes 0.

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