Outside of reality exists a malicious, god-like entity, who decides to seize the power that binds reality for his own purposes by killing the current possessor of reality. This entity decides to utilize the unique abilities of the strongest villains among the numerous amounts of realities in order to find this controller. However, a being known as Avalon, a servant of the current controller of reality, discovers this. He decides to counter the onslaught of villains by summoning forth the heroes of the realities in which the villains came from. Avalon tasks the heroes with defeating the villains and states that whoever succeeds will have the promise of returning home. Meanwhile, with the time he is given, Avalon proceeds to protect his master and seek out the evil entity. Now, the heroes, each with their own agendas and goals, must face with villains that they may or may not have encountered before, or all of reality will waste away into nothingness…



Protagonist: Edit

Antagonist: Edit

Bosses and Minions:Edit


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