......10 years have passed since Wolf's birthday celebration. It's a cold December. Wolfgang is in High School. He is 15 years old and is doing great at school. He gets A's all the time. Wolfgang is the older brother of his 3 sisters and two brothers. Wolfgang is also on his school's wrestling team. He has a few friends, but one stands out. Wolfgang's friend ( You can make the name for this person ), is a girl, who doesn't know her mother or father. She would live on the streets and not get any education. Wolfgang met her on the street, when they were 6. Later that day, Wolfgang would tell his dad and mom about it, causing Serenity to go find that girl and take the girl, to her home. May is 10 years old now and likes to have tea parties with Dolloid, for some reason. May is the younger sister of Wolfgang. Wolf and ten of his friends were also added to the Legend's Circle with their current bakugan names listed. Nuzamaki90, Redakaibakulover, and Airzel all have their own family now too. Pandoid has parted ways with Frosting128, to help others. Frosting128 however is looking for a new partner. She runs some kind-of training program with others and their bakugans. What will unfold? The first episode is next week.

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