10 minutes later

Emiliano) Ability Activate! 6-Way Slash! ( Hexwing Dragonoid slashes the opponent six times )

( Hexwing Dragonoid charges towards Darcano Dragonoid )

DG) Ability Activate! Dark Secrete! ( Darcano Dragonoid releases black ash to hide himself )

( Darcano Dragonoid releases ash in-front of Hexwing's face )

Hexwing) IT BURNS! *Rubs eyes*

DG) Ability Activate! Blackburn Clipper! ( Darcano Dragonoid generates dark heated energy and charges into his opponent with his blade wing )

( Darcano Dragonoid's bladed wing crashes into Hexwing )

( Hexwing gets clipped and flips, but grabs onto Darcano Dragonoid's leg )

Emiliano) Ability Activate! 'Hexagon Destroyer! ( Hexwing Dragonoid shapes his wings into a hexagon and a charged beam is fired )'

DG) Ultimate Ability Activate! Darcano Erupt! ( Darcano Dragonoid fires an intense beam from his chest )

( Darcano Dragonoid slams Hexwing to the ground before he can fire his beam )

( Hexwing bounces into the air )

( Darcano's beam crashes into Hexwing )

( Hexwing turns to his ball form )

10 minutes later...

Zach) Ability Activate! 'Water Beam! ( Sinkoid shots a beam of water from his mouth )'

Littleseed) Ability Activate! Petal Feather Combust! ( Feathera releases tons of feathers and petals that attack in a beam )

( The watery beam takes the petals and feathers out )

Littleseed) Ability Activate! 'Feathery Protection! ( Feathera's body becomes protected by feathers )'

( The watery beam dies off when it reaches the feathers )

Littleseed) Ability Activate! Feather Shot! ( Feathera fires the feathers protecting her as an attack )

Zach) Ability Activate! Shark Zuka! ( Sinkoid releases a blast of water )

BOOM! *The blast takes the feathers out quickly*

BANG! *Feathera gets hit and turns to her ball form*

DQ vs. Airzel! Episode 35

Grade of Emiliano vs. DarkusGUY and Zach vs. Littleseed! Episode 32?

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