Emilia Oceas

Emilia Oceas, Aquos brawler and a Dimensional Hero!

Emilia Oceas is a character from Bakugan RP: Dimensional Heroes and Bakugan RP: Dimensional Warfare.  She is the Aquos Brawler of the Bakugan Elite Core Brawlers and the Brawlers Anonymous.


Emilia was always a shy girl. Never willing to speak up, attracting guys only because of her looks. She always had low self-esteem. She would sometimes think she was just another pretty face.

Emilia always loved swimming. One day, cards fell from the sky. This led to her playing Bakugan. She began to gain some confidence. She joined Bakugan Dimensions Interspace where she felt she belonged. One day, while swimming at the beach, Emilia saw a Bakugan; Aquos Lockanoid. It was silent, but she still wanted to brawl with it. She did, she kept winning. Until one day, she was challenged to an underwater brawl by a girl named Rina. Rina used Aquos Fangoid. Lockanoid was about to lose, when all of a sudden its mechanical armor broke and out of it came Aquos Olifus. In response, Rina's Fangoid "evolved" into an Aquos Gren. Rina won and stole Olifus. Emilia had tracked her down to New Vestroia, where she met Brawley X Masterz.

Bakugan RP: Dimensional HeroesEdit

Emilia was so greatful to Masterz for getting her Olifus back. She is shown to have been infatuated with him, but she has a stronger attraction to the Ventus Phantom. Emilia joined the Bakugan Elite Core Brawlers, usually silent but more confident than ever. She was wearing the Sapphire Jewel Fragment for a long time without knowing. She has no memory of where she got it but since losing it to the Six Ancients, she works hard to get it back.

Bakugan RP: Dimensional WarfareEdit

Emilia and Jade united Neathia with the Brawlers Anonymous.  When they ambushed their rival team, Emilia, Masterz, and Jade fused their Guardian Bakugan into Olifon Dragonoid the Phantom Berserker.


  • Aquos Lockanoid
    • Aquos Olifus (Guardian Bakugan)
  • Aquos Megarus

Fusion BakuganEdit

  • Triple Node: Olifon Dragonoid the Phantom Berserker

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