Ectrica is a Elergen!
Nickname(s) "Ele"
Gender Female
Species Elergen
Affiliation Hero
Style Defensive
Weapon(s) Energy Sword
Power(s) Manipulate Electricity


A blonde-haired princess, hidden from most of Tachyon's life. She currently lives with her good friend, Proxic, inside his Tachyen Cube.

Description of Armor:Edit

Description of Weapon:Edit

  • Energy Sword


Born to a king and queen, she was born to royalty as the successor to her parents. However, she did not want to succeed her parents after watching her parents’ villainous actions. She could not stand to see her friends and fellow citizens be tortured to death for things they never did, so she decided she would to escape Elergy. Ectrica knew she could not take anyone with her because she did not know if she would survive herself. Shockingly, she survived and escaped from Elergy by paying attention to when Tachyon would be at its closest to Elergy and taking advantage of Elergy's electrical discharge. Ectrica was able to enter Tachyon since a spaceship's entrance was open. Inside Tachyon, she would hide from Tachyens by traveling through circuits until she was spotted by Proxic, who sheltered her from other Tachyens inside his Tachyen Cube.


Ectrica is a young, energetic women. She tends to act like a rebel, but is loyal to her allies. She enjoys having a good time while in battle by taking advantage of her quick, defensive style.


  • Manipulation of electricity
    • Electrical absorption


  • Roundhouse Kick - Ectrica kicks the back of her opponent's head while in front of him or her.
  • Front-Flip Back Kick - Ectrica front flips over an opponent and kicks her opponent from behind.
  • Handle Smash - Ectrica smashes the handle of her sword into her opponent with a punching motion.
  • Sliding Leg Sweep - Ectrica kicks her opponent's feet off the ground as she is sliding.

Special Abilities:Edit

  • Electrical Body - Ectrica's body becomes yellow electricity.
  • Electroportation - Ectrica travels to another location using her surroundings.
  • Discharge - Ectrica releases electricity around her, protecting allies and damaging nearby opponents.
  • Paralyzation - Ectrica travels underground, coming out as electricity around her opponent's body and paralyzing him or her.
  • Electric Wall - Ectrica releases electricity from her palms, that pop-up off the ground, walls, or ceiling to protect Ectrica and her allies.
  • Circuit Breaker - Ectrica travels into an opponent's technological device, disabling it.
  • Energize - Ectrica releases electricity into her handle, causing a yellow sword made of electricity to appear.

Strongest Special Ability:Edit

  • Overcharge - Ectrica slightly stabs her opponent with her sword before releasing electricity into the handle, causing the sword to grow bigger and come out the other side of an opponent.


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