Dryoid is Winx's Haos Dryoid and one of Zirreo's military Bakugan.


Dryoid is a warrior-like Mechanical Bakugan. Dryoid has wrist gauntlets that can be used as Vulcans or sword projectors. It also consists of a small cannon on its back. Dryoid's armor is made of one of the strongest metal in the universe.


Dryoid is very loyal and protective to Suraizero. When someone is bothering her, he often comes and stops it.  He is very nice, caring, and gentlemen like.



He was once Suraizero's bodyguard, but moved up into the military. He still protects Surai whenever she's in trouble.


Dryoid and Hoku are good friends.


Dryoid doesn't like Blackout becuae he is always criticizing somebody, calling Dryoid "fake" because he's a Mechanical Bakugan.


Dryoid doesn't like Kagayaku because he cheated on Suraizero.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Fusion Strike: Adds 500 Gs to Dryoid.
  • Lightning Protector: Nullifies the opoonents ability. 
  • Light Caliber: Adds 600 Gs to Dryoid.
  • Velocity Blades: Nullifies the opponents ability and transfers 400 Gs from the opponent to Dryoid.
  • Light Booster: Doubles or triples the effects of Dryoid's abilities for three turns.
  • Velocity Cannon: Transfers 500 Gs from the opponent to Dryoid.
  • Lightning Cancel: Disables one of the opponents abilities for four turns/
  • Fusion Caliber: Nullifies the opponents ability and transfers 500 Gs from the oppponent to Dryoid.
  • Fusion Caliber Advanced: Adds 600 Gs to Dryoid. (Fusion Caliber has to be activated before use)
  • Fusion Caliber Extreme: Tranfers 700 Gs from the opponent to Dryoid. (Fusion Caliber Advanced has to be activated before use)

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