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Attribute Pyrus
Variations Dravalon
Brawler Drake
First Appearance R-Evolutions Episode 12 - Dragon

Dravalon is a Pyrus Bakugan and the Guardian Bakugan of Drake in Bakugan R-Evolutions. Dravalon serves as the main antagonist Bakugan of the series.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Dravalon is a Dragon-class Bakugan covered in thick, burnt black and blood red armor. In Warrior Mode, Dravalon resembles a humanoid Bakugan covered in gray and red, dragon-based armor.

Bakugan R-EvolutionsEdit

Ability CardsEdit

Dragon ModeEdit

  • Burnt Blockade - Dravalon's wings grow to a larger size and shield his body from enemy attacks.
  • Meteor Bullet - Dravalon fires a downsized meteor from his mouth at the opponent.
  • Volcanic Avalon - The volcanic core in Dravalon's chest charges a blast of lava and magma and fires it at the opponent.
  • Ash Massacre - Used after Volcanic Avalon, all of the ash surrounding or on the opponent explodes, engulfing everything in a massive explosion.
  • Dragon Cross Flame - Dravalon fires a blast of fire that transforms into a fiery X at the opponent.

Warrior ModeEdit

  • Solitary Shield - Dravalon creates a shield made of scales in front of his body, blocking enemy attacks.
  • Ravaging Blade - Dravalon pulls a sword completely covered in sharp blades from his body.
  • Scale Sword - Used after Ravaging Blade, Dravalon shakes off all of the blades on his sword, revealing a smaller sword underneath.

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