Dragon Ball: Guardian of the Universe
Name Dragon Ball: Guardian of the Universe
Created By SaluteMeImWinx
# of Seasons 1
Starting Date Summer 2015
Ending Date Unknown
# of Episodes Unknown
Status Upcoming

Dragon Ball: Guardian of the Universe is a fanfiction story created by Winx.

Plot Edit

A young Saiyan by the name of Kirro is from the planet Hoseki. Her goal is to get rid of the evil forces in the universe and also found out about her past.

Sagas Edit

  • Saiyan Saga
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Characters Edit

  • Kirro: 19 year old Saiyan from the planet Hoseki. She has long black hair, slim and slight muscular body. She is smart and wise but that can be overshadowed with her cockiness of her power.
  • Gurin: He is Kirro’s younger brother. 10. He is very goofy and unwise but shoes his strength in battle despite his age and size. He has short black hair, similar to Teen Gohan.
  • Yuganna: is Kirro and Gurin mother. She is very powerful even though she is quite small. She is nice and very graceful. She has medium length black hair.
  • Shiro: Is Kirro, Gurin, and Surai’s dad. He’s very strong in combat, considered one of Planet Vageta’s best warriors. He is strategic but also cocky. He had an affair with Yuganna and give birth to Surai with another woman.
  • Surai: A 20 year old evil Saiyan. She is strategic and very cocky. She is persistent when it comes to battling and doesn’t give up. She is one of Frost's top soldiers. Is half-sisters with Kirro and Gurin. She has long black hair.
  • Frost: Frieza's cousin. he is capable of transformation like Frieza. His first form is similar to Cooler's first form but with blue and black armor and skin. His true form is(TBC). Frost is arrogant and reckless. He lets his strong power get to his head sometimes. He is feared among many planets. He is in the same business as Frieza, overtaking planets. He has a special army, containing mostly of Saiyans after the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

Episodes Edit

  1. Dragon Ball: Guardian of the Universe Episode 1- The Invasion
  2. Dragon Ball: Guardian of the Universe Episode 2- A Very Hairy Battle
  3. Dragon Ball: Guardian of the Universe Episode 3- The Real You
  4. Dragon Ball:Guardian of the Universe Episode 4- Kai's Training
  5. Dragon Ball:Guardian of the Universe Episode 5- Clash Between Two Saiyans

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