(Episode starts off on Shin Kai’s planet)

(Kirro and Gurin are punching walls made of strong metal)

Kirro: Ugh. Shin Kai it’s been three weeks you haven’t taught us anything yet. All we’ve done was punch things, lift weights, and other stupid things.

(Kirro stops punching the wall)

Shin: Kirro, get back to your training..

(Kirro walks towards Shin Kai)

Kirro: I’m starting to think you aren’t even strong.

Shin: Then try me on.

Gurin: Kirro don’t do it..

(Kirro teleports behind Shin and kicks him)

Shin: Hm.

(Shin disappears before Kirro can kick him)

Kirro: (Lands on the ground) What the..?

(Shin teleports behind Kirro and karate chops her neck, knocking her out)

Shin: Her technique was good but she was too oblivious.

Gurin: That’s Kirro for you..

Shin: Hm. Now the reason that you guys are punching stupid things is that the thing I’m about to teach you requires a lot of strength. I was testing to see if you guys are ready. And you are.

Gurin: YAY.

Shin: Now, let’s begin. It’s called the Myko Boost. It’s a power up that temporarily boosts your attacks. The boosts increases your muscle mass as well but also increases your speed. You have to power-up and focus your energy to the center of your body.

Gurin: Wait.. We are starting now? What about Kirro?

Shin: Do you want to get stronger to defeat Surai and Frost or not?

Gurin: Okay, let’s get started.

(Two hours later)

(Kirro wakes up and sees Gurin powering up, getting a little buff)


(Gurin powers up, gets a little buffer and punches the wall of metal, breaking it)

Shin: Excellent, Gurin.

Gurin: Wow. I’m getting used to this..

(Kirro walks towards Shin)

Kirro: So you’re going to teach without me?

Shin: Do you want to get stronger, Kirro?

Kirro: You know what, fine.

Shin: Okay. The power up is called Myko Boost. Power up and center your energy.

Kirro: Okay.

(Kirro powers up and tries to center her energy)


(Nothing happens)

Kirro: Why isn’t anything happening?

Shin: You have to clear your mind of the negative thoughts. Think positive.

Kirro: Okay..

(Kirro tries the Myko Boost again, but fails)

Kirro: Grrr..

(Kirro keeps trying the Myko Boost)

Shin: Kirro, you have to take a break or you’ll be out of energy!

(Kirro stop and breathes heavily)

Shin: You’re just like your mother, persistent, never wanted to give up until she mastered something..

Will Kirro master the Myko Boost? Will the Kai’s training be enough to defeat Surai and Frost? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball: Guardian of the Universe!

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