Ayush Kumar also known as Dr. Periodic is a part of the hero team on Excursion, he is an indian scientist known for his insane weapons, he's pretty much an ordinary human but with high-tech weapons. He's voiced by Vennu Mallesh.


Ayush is a comedic scientist who loves creating inventions and is named one of the greatest doctors in the world, the government has used his weapons. He claims he has "eaten every element from the periodic table" which apparently got him his name. He can resist the deadliest of chemicals and gamma radiation.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Chemical Resistance: Gamma rays? Toxic diseases? Lice? They get owned by the antibodies the doctor has, he can be immune to dangerous environments for a long time.
  • Superior brain: Dr. Periodic is the smartest on the team, he can pretty much build the most ridiculous of things from spare parts he finds.
  • Advanced weaponry and machines: His weapons are so advanced the government pays him a lot of money for it, he has a lot of machines he uses in battle... that sort of sounds like Iron Man..

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