So as pyro in the doom dimensions,he does not have any other pyrus soldie abilties to be able to escape.What will he do

(Pyros lands on the floor)

Pyro:Ugh what happen.Wait im in the doom dimensions,AHH,and i dont have my soldier abilities.Wait i can rescue my friends from there iternal tourture from here.

(A slash appears hitting power)

Pyro:Ahh what was that.

???:Long time no see pyro.

Pyro:Who are you?OMG ITS... ITS...

Jolts:Yup its the one and only

Pyro:Jolts your alive

Jolts:But idk if i can say the same thing for everyone else.

Pyro:What do you mean?

Jolts:Pyro you should know that Exedra is the ruler here,he is the one who tortures here.

(A earthquake starts to happen)

Jolts:Pyro you gotta get outta here,go to the west of the doom dimennsion,there you will find a smith ability maker who will arm you up with the most powerful abilities in vestroia.

Exedra:Ohh where are you jolts...GET READY SEE THE TRU MEANING OF TORTURE!!


(Jolts pushes pyro hard enough to get running)

Pyro;I will come back for you jolts,mark my words...

(Pyro runs extremly quick)

Jolts:Alright exedra,ill take you down my self,ability activate,darken wavern!

(A huge shadow appears swallowing exedra)

Exedra:Pathetic,ability activate,demon wizard.

(Breaks out and shoots a blast strong enough to shoot jolts off breaking boulders along the way)

Jolts:I will take you....down...

(Jolts faints)


(Exedra carries jolts into the dark flames)

(Pyro reaches the temple)

Pyro:There is big wall blocking this,what the heck,i guess i have to take it down my self.Ability activate,pyrus meteor

(Pyro shoots a a fire blast with pieces of rock in it)


(Rocks scatering around everywhere)

(Pyro goes in)

Pyro:Hello... anyone?

Smith maker:Ugh *cough cough* who ... is it?

Pyro:It is,pyrosmaster.

Smith maker:Pyro....IT IS YOU

(Pyro looks at the smith maker chanied from his arms to walls)

Pyro:Who did this too you?

Smith maker:Exedra traed me here after i made a ultimate ability card to Apollonir instead of him.

Pyro:Does apollonir know about you?

Smith maker:No...

Pyro:I need you to create me something so i could destroy the legendary soldiers

Smith maker:Destroying the legendary soldiers of vestroia? are you insane!?

Pyro:I must have my revenge!Ability activate,pyros blaster

(Breaks the chains)

Smith maker:Thank you,i will make you more than a ability card but a secret weapon that is very poweful.But i will need some time

Pyro:Is there anything i can do to help?

(Earthquake starts to happen)

Smith maker:Yes there is,go the east of my temple and activate the shield.Garganoids are comind to destroy my temple,every day they attack my temple,but luckily i built it so it can withstand anything.But after 2 years of them doing this,they are almost able to destory this place,including me.

Pyro:I will take activate the shield and take down the garganoids.

(Pyro leaves quickly and starts going)

Smith maker:Best luck to you my friend

(Garganoids surround pyro and start using fire wall)

Pyro:Err stop this garganoids.

(A garganoid alot different from the others confronts pyro)

Garganoid:I am the general of these garganoids,i recognize you,your pyrosmaster,a formal soldier of pyrus.

Pyro:What do you want with me?

Garganoid:Apollonir told me about you coming here,and told me to destroy you here.

Pyro:Im already dead

Garganoid:Yes but you do know there is a way out of here,and if you get killed here,you cant escape

(Garganoid slaps his forhead)

Garganoid:I said too much

Pyro:Yeah you did,ability activate,fire strom

(A fire tornado appears from pyro and protects him,rejecting the garganoids)

Pyro:Ability activate,rapid blast

(A rapid stream of fire balls hits the garganoids)

(Pyro runs to the temple)

Later with the smith maker

Smith maker:Im finally done,know to give this too pyro.

Later with pyro in the temple

Pyro:Finally i reach the temple

(Pyro hits the switch)

(A beam goes to the sky and makes a shield)

Pyro:Yes finally i activate the shield,know time to go the smith maker.

As pyro goes to the smith maker,he will soon find out a surprised installed for him.

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