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Attribute(s) Aquos Aquos
Partner May
First Appearance  ???



Is a aquos bakugan shaped like a dolphin. She has two eyes, that help her see through deep fog, mist, smoke, and misty sand. She may look like a cute bakugan, but she can pack a powerful beating. She floats on land, and swims in water. She has a nice purplish blue skin color. Her tail is coated with a little metal substance. Her fins are coated with the same metal substance. Her blowhole is covered with a bubble substance, that can be used to blow bubbles at her opponent. In her mouth, she has mouth, she can use blow strong watery bubble at her opponent.


  • Bubble Zone- Dolloid makes tons of bubbles, trapping her opponent
  • Bubble Charger- Dolloid encases herself into a bubble and charges into her opponent
  • Bursting Bubble- Dolloid creates a bubble that pops with a large amount of water
  • Tundra Spin- Dolloid spins in the air, driving her mouth at her opponent

Ultimate Ability:Edit

Tag Ability:Edit

  • Tsunami Burst- Dolloid creates a large bubble that bursts into a tidal wave, while Penifle releases waves from her wings. Both waves collide and grow into a tsunami

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