Hisses were heard as claws scrabbled the rocky surface of the cave. Soft footsteps came from a lone, winged figure, going ever deeper into the cave. "Not much longer, my pets," a raspy voice called out. Light gathering on the bone white face, he repeated his words. "Not much longer."

"I've always liked this cave."

A black haired teenager rubbed his fingers along the cave wall. "Don't you, Thel?" "Uh, yeah, sure," the Plitheon answered, slightly distracted. Silence followed, only interrupted by the clinking of his armor. "Er, Leonial, why do you like this place anyways?" Thel suddenly ducked his head, his horns still scraping the roof of the cave. "The darkness just makes me feel... at ease. Oh, and Thel," Leonial added, with a look of amusement in his eyes, "watch your head."

"Sometimes Belloc can be..."

"A jerk? Yeah, I know."

"Well, I doubt you haven't been dism- Ow!"

Leonial looked up. "Now may be a good time to change form. Unless you want to hit your head again," he said with a slight sneer. A brief light flashed behind him, followed by clumsy footsteps. Thel soon caught up. Looking up, he saw yellow eyes looking down. "Do you believe in our myths?" Thel suddenly blurted out.

"Oh, Styx, Acheron, Strisciare, sky demons, and all of that other junk? I don't want to believe it; some things are best left unknown."

"I thought I saw a sky demon just now, though..."

"Thel, how can I tell you this in the nicest way possible?"


"You're scared of your own shadow. You're clearly just seeing things," quietly, Leonial added, "apprentice." Unbeknownst to him, the eyes followed their every move. The sky demon scurried off, disappearing in the darkness.

Acheron wasn't doing much better than Styx.

He heard the cackle of lightning as he flew through a thermal, suddenly hearing wingbeats. As he turned, Acheron felt claws' tips scraping feathers from his wing. He reached out, claws outstretched.

"You can do better than that, my friend." Acheron froze for a second. A second too long. "All birds have to fall sometime, brother." Suddenly, he remembered who it was as he spiraled downward. "Strisciare?"

The last thing he felt was sand.

"Thel, there's one other reason I like this cave," Leonial said, sparking a small light. "What would be the reason of that?"


Thel look up as Leonial made the light brighter. Standing there, immortalized in stone, was a razor clawed figured, wings spread out in a last act of defiance.

"That is Strisciare," Leonial froze, a grim smile on his face, "my grandfather."

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