This is Diana, remember, stay in stealth and be aware of your surroundings! Diana out!

Nickname(s) Dai-senpai
Gender Female
Role Hero
Team Team Kunoichi
Partner(s) Daisy
Ability(-ies) Enhanced speed, senses, and stamina, heightened intelligence
Weapon(s) Martial arts, metal claws, kunai

Diana is a ninja hailing from Japan in Figure 10: Digital Rev. In her Real World Troops team, Team Kunoichi, her partner/underling is Daisy.


Not much is known about her except she grew up in a ninja village in Japan and trained in the ways ever since.



Diana has a typical kunoichi (female ninja) attire. Light clothing consisting of a Japanese tank top, boots, and leggings. She also wears arm and hand armor as well as cuffs. She is also known for her face mask, her long ponytail, and her main color scheme which is blue.


Like any other ninja, Diana has a continous stealth and quiet personality. She hardly ever talks. When she does talk she is very quick in speech but friendly. She talks most to Daisy, her underling and partner as she tries to teach her the ways of ninjutsu.


After years of proper, hardcore, ninja training, Diana developed enhances speed, stamina and even senses. Her skills are at its strongest and is considered one of the strongest Real World Troop member. During her training, she also underwent mental exercise (like any other ninja) and developed heightened intelligence and can solver the hardest of puzzles. She also utilizes her martial arts with various weapons, notably her metal claws and kunai.


  • Both she and Daisy are from Japan as well as kunoichi.

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