How do you like the curves? I was talking about the bow.
Diana human form
Debut {{{debut}}}
Used By Infinity (temporary)
Gender Female
Main Adversaries {{{adversaries}}}
Main Allies
Close Relationships {{{close}}}
Title Silent Wraith
Status Alive
Battle Information
Attribute Phasma Phasma
Weaponry Cold Heart
G-Power 1200


A mysterious Phasma Bakugan that snipes enemies from afar. She thrives when she is outnumbered. Her aim is impeccable, and with her ghost-like abilities she can terrify the enemy. Diana is silent when firing and no one can know where the arrow came from.

Diana uses both flirtatious and cruel methods to achieve what she needs. She has little empathy and manipulates others as she sees fit. She also loves to taunt and toying with others.


  • Cold Heart:



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