Destin Bauer is a main protagonist in WildTales: G-Hackerz. He was the first person to discover a Sandem flash drive. His drive is known as Blazer.


Destin usually wears a red shirt with graffiti and black pre-ripped jeans in the normal world. He also wears red and black tennis shoes. He is a tall 15-year old boy who is 5'11 and has tan skin. He has long curly jet black hair with red highlights. His Fanodenian form does not differ much. He has a red semi-tight skin suit that covers his torso with a medium-length black vest with red trimmings. He wears tight red pants with black commando boots over them. His hair is now blonde and spiked up with a single red streak in the middle. His face looks softer and more gentle disposition, including thinner eyes. His ears are also slightly pointed and wears 3 studs on each ear.


Destin has a very chill and laid back personality. As the leader, he also possesses a bold, and fiery-spirited side. He is loyal to his friends and will do anything to protect the. He is sometimes happy-go-lucky and too worry-free which can serve as a setback. He is smart and very witty and uses his environment to his advantage.


Destin grew up in the bustling city of Nashville, Tennessee surrounded by pop and subculture and many diverse people. He grew up a normal life with is mother, father, and his best friend and next door neighbor Chaz de LaRosa. He comes from a French background and grew up in a refined household. His life forever changed when he saw his flash drive, Blazer. A simple blue rectangular shaped flash drive. His friend Chaz found one as well and eventually the whole world. He is actually well-known now in both worlds and is treated as "Everybody's favorite guy" in Fanodenia.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Destin, in Fanodenia possesses peaked agility and stamina. He can work and move constantly for long periods of time without tiring out. He also has enhanced senses and speed. People usually refer to him as the Cat, because of his abilities and appearance. Whenever he is battling or completing tasks in Fanodenia, his usual partners he merges with is the prominent fire-associated warrior V'ortagin.

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