( Nirrel rolls out of the blasts way, while protecting DF )

Nirrel) *Standing* Ability please?

DF) Nah, put me down.

( The giant bakugan releases a blast )

Nirrel) *Puts DF down* Ability?

DF) *Points to a blackish purple tinted wall* I'll be behind that wall over there! *Runs*

( Nirrel gets hit by a blast )

( Nirrel rolls backwards a few times, then slowly gets back up )

( The giant bakugan releases another blast )

( Nirrel pounces out of the way, landing on his feet )

Nirrel) *Looking up at the giant bakugan's face* Can't we just talk this over with tea and all that good stuff...

( The giant bakugan charges another blast )

Nirrel) Or bombs...*Digs through his fur*

( Nirrel pulls a bomb out, while the giant bakugan's blast hits Nirrel )


( Nirrel's bomb explodes, actually hitting the giant bakugan pretty well )

( Nirrel and the giant bakugan fall onto the ground )

15 minutes later...

( Nirrel and the giant bakugan fight over a cannon )

( Nirrel presses the trigger on accident )

( A blast goes through the giant bakugan's chest )

Nirrel) I'M SO SORRY! *Digs through fur*

( The giant bakugan collapses onto the ground )

Nirrel) *Pulls a cup of tea from his fur, but a grenade drops out of his fur* HERE'S SOME TEA! *Trips over the grenade*

( The tea splashes onto the giant bakugan )


( The gernade is still under Nirrel's foot when the smoke clears )

( The giant bakugan is gone, but a purple-glowing, black shard remains )

( The purple-glowing, black shard disappears )

( Nirrel gets up dizzy )

( Nirrel stomps on the grenade accidently )


( The grenade explodes )

( Nirrel returns to his ball form and returns to DF's hand )

On Earth...

( Wolfgang and Samantha sit together on their bed )

Wolfgang) *Moves hands up from his chin to rubbing his eyes* I still have to shave.

Samantha) Yeah...

Wolfgang) But that's not why we're here...It's where I've been...Where Jenna's been...What I've done and all that stuff...

Samantha) *Tilts her head* Yeah.

Wolfgang) *Looks at Samantha with direct eye contact* If I told you Jenna lived in a cave for three months, would you believe me?

Samantha) *Looks at Wolfgang's mouth* No.

Wolfgang) If I told you I was in the future, would you believe me?

Samantha) No.

Wolfgang) If I told you I meet our son, Aaron, in the future...Would you believe me?

Samantha) Not at all.

Wolfgang) If I told you I die in the next eight years, would your believe me?

Samantha) Never, that's not going to happen.

Wolfgang) Well, then you're wrong. Everything I mentioned is true. Jenna did in-fact live in a cave for three months and she wasn't alone...Nintendo, Ice, Val, and C22 were there for her. I was truly in the future when Aaron was 16. So yes, I did meet our son from the future and he saw me die in the next eight years.

Samantha) ...You're not going to die.

Wolfgang) I will and it'll will be because of my Dad.

Samantha) I'm not going to let you.

Wolfgang) Doesn't matter.

Samantha) *Gets up and walks towards her dresser* Well...You should go brawl Val now. He was at the door a few minutes ago, so I told him you'd be there soon.

Wolfgang) Okay, thanks.

Samantha) *Cleans a candle holder with a cloth* By the way, I'm not kissing you until that beard and mustache is gone.

Wolfgang) I'll have it shaved by tonight.

Samantha) *Still cleaning* Okay...

( Wolfgang walks out of their bedroom )

Defaming Fogs: Episode 9

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Thoughts on Nirrel and DF's relationship, Nirrel's new personality, and Samantha and Wolfgang's personality, comment below.

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