( Darterym steps forward and punches Terrarym )

( Terrarym punches Darterym's gut )

( Darterym punches Terrarym's gut )

( Terrarym headbutts Darterym )

( Darterym punches Terrarym's head twice )

( Terrarym knees Darterym's gut )

( Darterym yanks Terrarym's head down )

( Terrarym's body is bent down from his head being yanked )

( Darterym clubs Terrarym's back )

( Terrarym crashes onto the ground )

( The rocky ground bursts under Darterym with a geyser of brown spheres )

( Darterym falls backwards onto the ground )

By Nirrel and DF...

( Nirrel flies into the darkest )


( Everywhere continues to shake )

( Nirrel tries to fly upwards, but can only fly to the left and right, while falling )

( The shaking slows down )

( Nirrel gains more control, as he's able to fly upwards slowly )

Back in the rocky area...

( Terrarym holds Darterym up )

Terrarym) If you really want my cooperation, fight me well!

Darterym) You want a fight! *Grabs both of Terrarym's arms*

( Terrarym headbutts Darterym multiple times )

( Darterym lifts his foot onto Terrarym's chest and pulls Terrarym's arms )

( Terrarym headbutts Darterym's leg multiple times, until Darterym rips both his arms off )

( Brown spheres fall from Terrarym's insides )

Terrarym) ...*Turns to his bakugan form*

( Darterym turns to Meteonoid )

( Terrarym's bakugan form has ten long tail-like figures around his neck, with ten other tails covering his body. His tail has a huge mace )

( Meteonoid releases a black sphere comet )

( Termoce swings his maced tail )

( The black sphere comet separates in all different directions )

( Black chains wrap around Termoce's legs, tails, and mouth )

( Termoce stares at Meteonoid )

Nebula Meteonoid) Join your lord?

( Termoce stares at Meteonoid still )

( The black chains pull Termoce to the ground )

Nebula Meteonoid) Swing your mace, if you join.

( Termoce doesn't swing his mace )

Nebula Meteonoid) WELL THEN! *Glows an intense purple*

By Nirrel and DF again...

Nirrel) *Lands on a solid surface* You're welcome.

DF) *Hair sticking up*...

( A purple flash happens )

( When the purple flash clears up, a giant bakugan stands in-front of Nirrel and DF )

DF) Hi...

( The bakugan charges his palms )

Back to Meteonoid and Termoce...

( A huge, black sphere comet, with ancient writing and a purple aura floats around Meteonoid )

Nebula Meteonoid) I'll give you mercy, if you give in to join me!

( Termoce swings his mace )

( Nebula Meteonoid fires the huge, black sphere comet )


( Termoce rolls towards Meteonoid in ball form )

( Meteonoid and Termoce disappear )

Defaming Fogs: Episode 8

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