( Volf lays on the ground across from Wolfgang and Wolf, slowly getting back up )

Wolf) *Looks at Wolfgang* Listen, this is your fight. Wolfie and I cannot beat them, but I know you can. As of my plan, I’m going to have Wolfie try to eat away and use their spheres against them with long range attacks *Mumbles* and I’ll finish them off...

Wolfgang) ...What was that last part, you mumbled it.


( Part of the roof collapses above Wolfgang and Wolf )

( Wolfie flies into the broken pieces of the roof, shattering them )


Terrarym) *Laughs* YOU WERE USED, FOOL!

( Wolfie flies towards Darterym and Terrarym )

( A blast is fired from Terrarym and Darterym’s mouths, combining into one black and brown energy blast )


( The blast hits Wolfie )

( Wolfie falls towards the ground )

( Wolf and Wolfgang run out of the way of Wolfie )


( Wolfie crashes into the ground )


( Darterym and Terrarym’s mixed foot stomps on Volf )

( Volf lays on the ground )

( The mixed foot pushes Volf against the ground, almost trying to squish her like a bug )

( Volf shatters into emerald )

( The mixed foot squishes the emerald, releasing winds into their foot )

( The foot becomes distorted )

( Wolfie looks at the distorted leg, disappearing and appearing; Wolfie eats a large amount of the floating spheres )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Dimensional Collision! ( Crysemtion Volf exits a portal, crashing into the opponent )

( Volf comes out of a portal behind Darterym and Terrarym, charging through their head )

Darterym and Terrarym) RAAAAAAWWWWRRRR!

Wolfgang) U-TURN - Ability Activate! Typhoon Collision! ( Crysemtion Volf charges into an opponent with a tornado formed around her )

Crysemtion Volf) GOT IT! *Makes a U-turn, charging towards Darterym and Terrarym with a tornado forming around her*

( Wolfie appears next to Wolf; Darterym and Terrarym’s leg reforms shorter and uneven with their other leg )

( Darterym releases a blast towards Volf )

( Volf dodges the blast )

( The blast heads towards Wolfgang and Wolf )

( Wolfie charges towards the blast )

Wolf) Ability Activate! Replenishment! ( Demenatic Wolfie absorbs an energy attack )

( Wolfie collides with the blast, absorbing all it’s energy )

Wolfgang) *Looks at Wolf* Wow...

( Terrarym releases a blast at Volf )

( Volf dodges )

( Wolfie charges into the blast, absorbing all it’s contents )

( Volf rushes towards Darterym and Terrarym )

( Darterym and Terrarym release a combined blast at Volf )

( Volf speeds into the blast )

( The combined blast encases Volf, growing bigger )

( Wolfie flies into the blast, absorbing the content, making the blast get smaller and smaller )

( While Wolfie is absorbing the blast, Darterym and Terrarym’s left fist punches through the blast )

( Wolfie falls with Volf on top of her )


( Wolfie crashes onto the ground, with Volf crashing into her belly )

( Volf rolls off Wolfie’s belly, getting up )

( Darterym and Terrarym laugh sadistically )

( Demenatic Wolfie rolls onto her belly, getting up with a glowing dark-green aura )

Inside Darterym’s body...


Nirrel) *Hanging off the chain he cut* DF, you must...I have to fight...You can free Meteonoid...*Hops off the chain, his chainsaw in hand* BRING IT! *Slashes a few creatures with the chainsaw*

( Nirrel turns the chainsaw on )

DF) …*Climbs up the broken chain and onto Meteonoid’s leg*

( Nirrel mows through creatures with his chainsaw )

( Multiple creatures jump on Nirrel, taking Nirrel onto the ground )

( Nirrel sticks his chainsaw through, but creatures stomp on his hand )

( A lot more creatures dive on Nirrel )

DF) NIRREL! *Still on Meteonoid’s leg*

Nebula Meteonoid) He’s fine *Lifts his legs up* I need you to grab the chain on my free arm and wrap it around my stuck arm.

DF) Okay...*Gets up, slowly walking towards Meteonoid’s midsection* Never walked on a Bakugan’s legs before...

( Creatures continue to stockpile on a hidden Nirrel )

( DF loses balance, tripping on Meteonoid’s legs )

Nebula Meteonoid) Good enough...*Grabs DF with his free arm*

In battle...

Wolfgang) Volf, Typhoon Collison again!

Wolf) Wolfie, stay here.

Crysemtion Volf) *Looks up* Good enough. *Takes off into the air*

<Wolfgang) Remember the plan.>

( Darterym and Terrarym swing their left fist )

( Volf dodges, gaining a tornado around her )

( Darterym and Terrarym lift their fist up, hitting Volf )

( Volf shatters into red ruby )

( The ruby shatters, encasing Darterym and Terrarym’s left hand in ruby-red flames )

( Volf appears towards the side )

( Terrarym and Darterym swing their right fist )

( Volf adds a twirl to charge, taking a shortcut through the fist )

( Terrarym and Darterym lift their right fist up, making Volf shatter into blue sapphire )

( Darterym and Terrarym’s right first becomes soaked )

( Volf appears between the two hands )

( Darterym and Terrarym clap on Volf )

( Winds break out, destroying the two hands and portion of their arms )

( Black and brown spheres turn to dust )

Wolfgang) Sacred Ability Activate! Rotatruction! ( Ten portals surround the opponent. A ray of each of Crysemtion Volf's attributes come out of a portal, while Volf flies around the opponent. The rays follow Volf's movement, circulating around the opponent. The opponent feels relentless amounts of energy damage for long periods of time )

( Ten portals open around Darterym and Terrarym’s head )

( Volf appears, flying around their heads )

( Darterym releases a blast )

( The blast misses Volf and enters a portal )

( Volf flies past a few portals )

( Darterym’s blast comes out of a portal, hitting the back of Terrarym’s head )

Terrarym) GET BACK HERE, <BEEP>!

( Nine different, Crystalic attributed rays exit a different portal each )

( One ray exits mixed with all nine of Volf’s Crystalic attributes )

( Volf’s windstream catches the rays, making them follow Volf’s movement )

( A dome of rays form around Darterym and Terrarym’s heads )

( Volf speeds up, making the rays close in on Darterym and Terrarym’s heads )

( Darterym and Terrarym release beams )

( The dome turns white )


( The dome explodes, damaging Volf, Darterym, and Terrarym intensely )

( Volf crashes through a portion of the roof, falling through )

( Wolfie flies into the air, biting Volf’s neck and gently placing her on the ground )

( Meteonoid and Termoce land on the ground, opposite of Wolf and Wolfgang )

( Volf slowly gets up, but faints and returns to her ball form )

( Volf then returns to Wolfgang’s hand )

Wolf) *Looks back at Wolfgang* I’ll handle the rest...

Defaming Fogs: Episode 37

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