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In Darterym’s hideout...

( Wolfgang and Wolf walk out of the portal, while Volf and Wolfie rush towards Darterym and Terrarym )

Sonic Skyeroid) *Flies out of the portal with Blue* See ya! *Turns to ball form and rushes into Wolfgang’s pocket*

Blue) *Lands belly first on the ground, looking up towards Darterym* LORD, I WILL NOT FIGHT YOU! *Gets up, running out of the room*

( Terrarym releases brown sphere blasts towards Volf and Wolfie )

Wolf and Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Nitro Spin! Nitro Spin! ( Demenatic Wolfie and Crysemtion Volf drills towards the opponent with a green aura )

( Wolfie and Volf gain green auras, while drilling towards Darterym and Terrarym )

( Volf drills through the brown spheres, while they separate into an opening for Wolfie to fly through )

( Wolfie and Volf get closer and closer to Darterym and Terrarym )

( Darterym swings his fist )

( The black spheres separate for Wolfie, allowing her to get through )

( Volf drills into Darterym’s hand, but Darterym proves too strong )

( Volf flies backwards, crashing into the ground )

( Wolfie drills towards Terrarym )

( Terrarym releases a brown beam at Wolfie )

( Wolfie shoots through Darterym and crashes into the ground )

( Darterym is damaged from the beam )

( Wolfie crashes into the ground, barely missing Wolf and Wolfgang )

By DF and Nirrel...

( The area shakes )

DF) *Looking at the head* …

( Creatures continue to jump onto Nirrel’s hidden body )

DF) M...M...METE-


( Black spheres shoot everywhere, after an explosion )

( Nirrel gets up )


Nirrel) *In head* He’s such a kid a times...

Wolfgang’s in another mindgame of ???...

???) See what’s happening...

Wolfgang) Yeah...

???) Understand what must be done?

Wolfgang) I’ll figure it out.

Back in Darterym’s hideout...

Terrarym) Lord...

Darterym) *One hand holds his chest, while on one knee* FIGHT, <BEEP>!

Terrarym) Yes, Lord...*Releases a beam at Wolfie and Volf*

Wolf) *Looks at Wolfgang* I got this one. Ab-

Wolfgang) Abili-

Wolf) Ability Act-

Wolfgang) *Very fast* AbilityActivate! Dimension Mishap! ( Crysemtion Volf counters an opponent’s attack with a portal )

( Volf takes off, creating a small portal in-front of the beam )

( Volf flies into the beam, shattering, while some of the beam enters the portal )

( Another portal opens behind Darterym, releasing Terrarym’s beam )

Darterym) *Pierced by the beam* ARGH!

Terrarym) LORD!

Back by DF and Nirrel...

( Nirrel punches creatures with brass knuckles )

DF) So how have you been?

Nebula Meteonoid) *Releases a blast at creatures from his mouth* Been be *Charges another blast and releases it at creatures* tter, just need to be *Charges a blast and releases it at creatures* freed.

DF) We’ll free you soon!

Nirrel) Screw this! *Backhands a creature and throws his brass knuckles onto the ground* MISSILE TIME! *Digs through his fur, pulling a missile launcher out* Me gusta! *Fires a missile*

( The missile goes through many of creatures before exploding )

( Black spheres shoot in many places, burning to crisps )

Nirrel) *Slowly turns towards DF and Meteonoid* Everything’s almost set...*Touches a button with his right hand, making his eyes light up* Now everything is set...*Looks at an upper-left chain* Cover your ears, DF...3...2...

( DF covers his ears )

Nirrel) 1...*Fires a missile*

( The missile heads towards the upper-left chain )


( The missile makes impact with the upper-left chain, breaking it )

Back by Wolf and Wolfgang...


Terrarym) YOU MONSTERS, YOU MY LORD ALONE! *Releases rapid blast of brown spheres*

Wolf) Monsters? Ability Activate! Rapid Fire! ( Demenatic Wolfie releases pulses of her respective attribute at her opponent )

Wolfgang) Volf, we have to break your code again...Linked Abilities Activate! Rapid Fire! ( Crysemtion Volf releases pulses of her respective attribute at her opponent ) + Dust Popper! ( Crysemtion Volf uses explosive white spheres to limit an opponent’s sight )

( Wolfie releases pulses at the brown sphere blasts, not doing anything because each misses and only hits a wall )

( Volf releases pulses, infused with white spheres, at the brown sphere blasts )

( The brown sphere blasts burst with each impact of a pulse )

( Over time, Volf’s pulses rapidly hit Terrarym )

Terraym) *Blocking* I GIVE, I GIVE! *Stops blocking and punches the pulses*

( The pulses explode upon impact )

( Terrarym punches another times, extending his fist towards Wolfie and Volf )

( Volf shatters into sapphire )

Demenatic Wolfie) *Eats some of the brown spheres* DELICIOUS! *Releases pulses infused with brown spheres*

( Volf appears behind Terrarym )

Wolfgang) Ultimate Ability Activate! Rainbond Gyrate! ( Crysemtion Volf twirls with all Crystalic attributes used as an aura )

( Volf gains a nine colored aura of her nine Crystalic attributes and drills into Terrarym’s back )

Terrarym) *In pain* AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH! ( Darterym’s shoulder touches Terrarym )

( A sudden flash happens with a loud bang )

( Pieces of the roof fall onto the ground )

( Dust fills the air )

( Wolfgang coughs a few times )

Wolf) *Taps Wolfgang’s back* You alright?

Wolfgang) …



( The whole area rattles )


Nirrel) *Holding onto an attached chain, using a chainsaw* DON’T KNOW!

( Brown spheres enter the landscape, creating a mix of brown, black, and brown and black sphere creatures )

Nirrel) *Sees all the creatures* Come on!

Back in reality...

( Darterym and Terrarym are fused together, each with their own head sticking out of the building. Brown and black spheres are mixed together )

( Demenatic Wolfie drools, while moving her tongue around a bit )

Defaming Fogs: Episode 36

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