( Brawlers gather in the room of the broken wall )

( The Bakugan land on the ground )

( Buratro kicks Wolfie )

( Volf swings Leonial around, in her mouth )

( Wolfie pulls Buratro off the mansion and onto the ground )

Demenatic Wolfie) You aren’t going anywhere, Supper.

Persona) Ability Activate! Redburst Crash! ( Blazzery charges into her opponent with red flames bursting after impact )

( Blazzery charges towards Volf )

( Volf throws Leonial into Blazzery )

Ice) Ability Activate! Redischargement! ( Magmius Leonial absorbs energy from an attack and discharges it as orange lightning bolts )

( Ruby-red flames burst around Leonial )

( Leonial absorbs the ruby-red flames and discharges energy as orange electricity )

( Blazzery becomes electrocuted and disintegrates into blue spheres )

Ice) Ability Activate! Seeking Change! ( Torrent Cyclonium draws incoming attacks to him, absorbing and releasing a large water ball from his mouth )

( The blue spheres fall onto the ground; Cyclonium glows blue, causing all the electricity to enter his body )

( Cyclonium creates a large water ball in his mouth and releases it at Wolfie )

Wolf) Ability Activate! Dark Ruby Pulse! ( Demenatic Wolfie releases a pulse of hard, dark, ruby flames, that burst into a force of heat at impact )

( Demenatic Wolfie releases a dark ruby pulse ) BOOM!

( Water vapors splatter onto the ground )

( Volf appears out of nowhere, biting Cyclonium and disappearing )

Ice) Ability Activate! Electrical Burst! ( Magmius Leonial releases a blast of orange electricity from her mouth )

( Leonial lands on the ground, releasing a blast of orange electricity )

( The orange blast of electricity disperses )

( Volf appears with sparks all over Cyclonium and her )

( Volf throws Cyclonium into Leonial )

( An icy beam hits Cyclonium - Cyclonium turns to ice )

( The frozen Cyclonium crashes into Leonial )


( The ice explodes )

( Leonial and Cyclonium disperse into blue spheres )

( Wolfie appears out of nowhere, biting Culburym )

( Culburym shatters )

Demenatic Wolfie) MY DINNER! *Disappears*

( Culburym appears in midair )

( Demenatic Wolfie appears behind Culburym, biting her into two )

( Culbuyrm turns to blue spheres )

Buratro) *Sits on the ground, out of the battle* BULKY!

Jane) Abilities Activate! Facing Feathers! ( Feathers come off of Scalean's tail, that target the opponent like razor blades ) + Electric Ball! ( Electrilyr swings its tail, releasing an electric ball above its head )

( Feathers come off of Scalean’s tail and shoot towards Volf )

( Electrilyr throws an electric ball at Volf, after throwing the ball above its head )

Johnny) *Sametime as Jane* Abilities Activate! Aqua-Spike! ( Mentro blasts water from his 10 spikes, that attack the opponent ) + Torrential Blast! ( Surge Hydros fires a water blast at his opponent )

( Water blasts from Mentro’s ten spikes into the air - they fall towards Volf )

( Hydros releases a water blast from his mouth, towards Volf )

Mike) *Sametime as Johnny* Abilities Activate! Flare Dragon! ( Flames spill from Drarieror's mouth and charge towards the opponent, in a dragon shape ) + Balled Away! ( Burzeator sidekicks a fire blast at the opponent )

( Val runs out of the room )

( Drarieror spits flames up, that form into a dragon and charge towards Volf )

( Burzeator does a sidekick, kicking winds towards Volf )

Persona) Ability Activate! Disuby! ( Axolf swings his saw-tail, releasing a disc of ruby-red flames )

( Axolf swings her tail, releasing a disc of ruby-red flames, that head towards Volf )

Garren) *Sametime as Persona* Ability Activate! Sharp Pyralast! ( Ovorier puts her two hands together and releases a blast of her two blades shaped like a pyramid together )

( Ovorier puts her hands together, releasing a pyramid blast of her two blades together, towards Volf )

Wolf) Ultimate Ability Activate! Fire’s Playground! ( An attribute of Wolfie’s appears in it’s respective flames and charges towards the opponent. The opponent is encased in the respective attribute; Wolfie becomes encased in black onyx flames and rams the opponent’s head )

( Six Wolfie’s appear, with a different attribute each, except none is encased in black onyx flames )

( The Wolfie’s charge through the opponent’s attacks and make impact with their opponent )

( Dark Emerald Wolfie crashes into Scalean and Electrilyr, encasing them in mutated emerald together )

( Dark Sapphire Wolfie crashes into Mentro, encasing him in mutated sapphire )

( Dark Opal Wolfie crashes into Surge Hydros, encasing him in mutated opal )

( Dark Ruby Wolfie crashes into Drarieror, encasing him in mutated ruby )

( Dark Bronzite Wolfie crashes into Burzeator, encasing him in mutated bronzite )

( Dark Peridot Wolfie crashes into Axolf, encasing her in mutated peridot )

( Dark Moonstone Wolfie crashes into Ovorier, encasing her in mutated moonstone )

( Wolfie becomes encased in black onyx flames, as she charges )

( Wolfie disappears, reappearing pass Ovorier, her black onyx flames gone )


( Scalean, Electrilyr, Mentro, Surge Hydros, Drarieror, Burzeator, Axolf, and Ovorier turn to blue spheres )

( Persona, Johnny, and Mike also turn to blue spheres )

Lady Heat) *Walks up to Buratro* Hey, we need help, Gorrilac!

Buratro) BULKY!

C22) Ability Activate! Love Burn! ( Lady Heat slaps the opponent with a heated hand, catching the opponent in a love trace )

( Lady Heat’s hand heats up )

Buratro) BU- *Slapped by Lady Heat*

( Buratro is unaffected and doesn’t fall in love with Lady Heat )

Buratro) SMASH! *Slams both his fist down on Lady Heat* ( Lady Heat is smashed into the ground and turns to blue spheres )

Buratro) *Repeatedly hits his chest* BUBUBUBUBUBUBUBUBUAAAHHHH!

On the roof of Wolfgang’s mansion...

( Val pulls himself up, while Wolfgang and Wolf have their eyes fixed on the brawl )

Val) Hehehe...*Stands up and steadily walks towards Wolfgang and Wolf*

Defaming Fogs: Episode 32

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