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In Darterym’s hideout...

Darterym) No, nothing like that.

Terrarym) Surely, you don’t believe in that man.

Darterym) I don’t - I hate him.

Terrarym) What if he’s been killed?

Darterym) He’s out of my way then.

Dar) *Watching from a distance* Huh?

Terrarym) Still, you should be evil.

Darterym) …

Terrarym) You’ve grown so soft.


Terrarym) Really?


Terrarym) Really?

Darterym) …

Dar) I’ll go find Wolf! *Flies off*

The next morning, in a new dimension...

DF) ZZZ...zzz...ZZZzzz

Nirrel) ...DF...

DF) ZZZ...zzz...ZZZzzz...

Nirrel) Psst, DF...

DF) ZZZ...zzz...

Nirrel) DF!

( Yellow eyes appear watching Nirrel and DF in every direction )

DF) ZZ- *Awoken* …*Looking around* CRAP!

On Wolfgang’s mansion’s roof...

Wolf) *Taking Wolfie out of his pocket* Wolfie... *Opens hand*

Demenatic Wolfie) What? I was asleep you know! *Floats out of Wolf’s hand*

Wolf) We have company.

Demenatic Wolfie) What company exactly?

Wolf) Friendly company.

Demenatic Wolfie) WHY WAKE ME UP!

Wolf) Because...

( Blue’s head peaks over onto the roof )

Wolf) See, company is here.

Demenatic Wolfie) *Comes out of her ball form, in-front of Wolf* I’m hungry and tired, don’t mess with me.

Blue) What? Why are you acting like that...Were allies remember.

Wolf) Wolfie...

( Wolfie disappears )

Blue) …*Climbs onto the roof, with Buratro climbing up behind him* So... *Walks towards Wolf*

In Wolfgang’s room...

Crysemtion Volf) ZZZ...zzz...ZZZzzz

( Wolfgang looks at the ceiling )

Wolfgang) *In head* Why is he here...What does he want...He tried killed my family and using me...I cannot trust that jerk. After all, he betray our family...

Wolf) Betray you? I never betrayed our family...

Wolfgang) *In head* Sure you didn’t betray anyone...

Wolf) I want you back...My team needs you...After that, it’ll be our team. We can-

Wolfgang) I will never join you!

Sonic Skyeroid) What?

Wolfgang) Nothing...

Wolf) Want your family? Wait, it’s over...She divorced you, right?

Wolfgang) *In head* How do you know?! WERE YOU BEHIND THIS ALL?!

Wolf) Son, you’re lo-

( Wolfgang’s door flies off its hinges )

Wolfgang) …*Vision blurs up and is seeing something else - a person and a Bakugan are surrounded by creatures moving forward*

( Two large eyes appear )

???) As you see, two are in dire need of help - You know who they are.

Wolfgang) What do you want?

???) Other than my side trackings - I’ve picked my partner...

Wolfgang) You’re making no se-


( The vision Wolfgang was seeing ends )

( Wolfgang’s door shatters into tiny pieces of broken wood )

Nexus) *Grabs Wolfgang’s feet* TIME TO DIE!

Wolfgang) …


( A sonic blast hits Nexus )

( Nexus flies backwards into a wall )

Wolfgang) Thanks Skyeroid.

( Sonic Skyeroid flies out of the room )

???) GET THEM!


Crysemtion Volf) *Rolling back and forth, then yawns* ...What’s going on?

( Wolfgang looks at Volf )


???) AHHHH!

( Leonial jumps towards Skyeroid )

( Volf disappears )

Above Wolfgang...

( Wolfie is held by Buratro )

Buratro) CRUSH!

Demenatic Wolfie) My breakfast, snack, lunch, snack again, dinner, and dessert...*Charges with head in Buratro’s gut*

Blue) O_O *Flops onto the ground*

( Wolfie flies Buratro over Blue and off the roof )


( Volf flies out of a wall, her head in Leonial’s gut )

( Volf and Wolfie fly in parallel lines )

( Wolfie and Volf both turn downwards to the ground, in unison )


( Buratro and Leonial are both slammed to the ground at the same time )

( Wolfie and Volf look at eachother )


( The wall crumbles apart )

( Skyeroid flies out of the missing wall with Wolfgang )

( Wolfie, Volf, and Skyeroid fly to the roof )

( Wolfgang hops off Skyeroid and gets into a brief stare down with Wolf )

Wolfgang) *In head* I don’t trust you one bit, but whatever...I do need some help right now...

Blue) *Looking back and forth, at Wolfgang and Wolf* WHAT IS THIS?!

( Wolf nods to Wolfgang )

( Wolf and Wolfgang run towards each other, kicking Blue’s head )

( Blue faints )

( Wolf grabs Blue by his midsection, lifting him up slowly )

Wolfgang) *Looks at Skyeroid with a side glare* Skyeroid, come here...

Skyeroid) NEVER!

Wolfgang) *Annoyed tone* Skyeroid.

Skyeroid) COMING! *Flies to Wolfgang, wrapping her tail around Blue’s midsection, and flies off*

( Buratro climbs up Wolfgang’s mansion )

( Wolfie bites Buratro’s foot )

( Valkyrie, Electrilyr, Lady Heat, Blazzery, Burzeator, and Scalean fly out of the mansion’s broken wall; Roxanoid, Leorse, Cyclonium, Drarieror, Axolf, Extremis, Mentro, Basade Werewerra, Aqulloid, Penifle, Vamprior, Vamolf, Elorien, Tizard, Ovorier, Thorean, Mear, Polius, Blade Dragonoid, Surge Hydros, Preptoroid, and Weolin jump out of the mansion’s broken wall )

Crysemtion Volf) ...

Defaming Fogs: Episode 31

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