( Luhyros falls out of the white encasement with knuckle marks on his body )

Zephyros) Zie, Extreme Jet!

Renardy) Ability Activate! Extreme Jet! ( Zephyros has an extremely fast speed boost that makes the opponents unable to see it as it attacks their Bakugan in a second )

( Zephyros disappears, after making a motion downwards )


( Gust of winds burst everywhere )

( The white encasement bursts away with an evolved Bling holding Zephyros in midair )

Renardy) Linked Abilities Activate! Liquid Au! ( Luhyros spits up gold ) + Gold Rush! ( Luhyros rams the opponent )

( Luhyros spits gold up and slides towards Bling )

Arric) Ability Activate! Dazing Strike! ( Visolem Bling punches the opponent with a white, ruby fist )

( Visolem Bling’s hand turns white as he goes for a punch on Zephyros )

Zie) Ability Activate! Razor Slash! ( Zephyros gets claws and slashes its opponent very hard with amazing power )

( Zephyros blocks and goes for a slash on Bling )

( Bling blocks and twists Zephyros and himself out of their blocks )

( Bling and Zephyros go for their moves )

( Their moves collide with bright red, green, and white sparks )

( Bling punches Zephyros with his other hand )

( Zephyros blocks )

( Arric shows a gut kick motion )

( Bling kicks Zephyros’ gut )

( Zephyros bends down )

( Bling jabs Luhyros’ head )

( Luhyros returns to her ball form )

( Zephyros takes advantage and quickly slashes Bling’s gemmed armor a few times )

( Bling slams his elbow into Zephyros’ back )

( Zephyros throws Bling into the air )

Arric) Ability Activate! Blinding Intensity! ( Visolem Bling’s whole body glows white )

( Bling’s body glows white )

Renardy) Ability Activate! Aerial Crash! ( Zephyros flies into the air, doing a complete circle, and slams his body into his opponent )

( Zephyros takes off, spinning in a complete circle, but is blinded, while diving towards Bling )

Arric) Ultimate Ability Activate! Diced Servings! ( Visolem Bling stabs the opponent with his sword; his sword breaks into millions of tiny, two millimeter gem shards, and cut the opponent )

( Bling creates a sword by swing his fist )

( Zephyros continues diving towards Bling, unable to see )

( Bling throws his sword at Zephyros )

( Zephyros’ head is pierced with Bling’s sword )

Zephyros) OW, WHAT WAS THAT!

( The sword breaks into millions of two millimeter gem shards, surrounding Zephyros in a sphere formation )

Visolem Bling) ...Loss dished cold...

( Each millimeter gem shard crashes into Zephyros, shatters upon impact; gem dust is created )

Visolem Bling) *Eyes glow red* TIGATOR STYLE!

( Zephyros glows red and the gem dust )


( Red smoke bursts )

( Zephyros falls out of the smoke )

Visolem Bling) …

Arric) Sacred Ability Activate! Doomention! ( Visolem Bling’s eyes glow white, making the opponent enter a new dimension, surrounded by millions of two millimeter gem shards. Bling attacks the opponent, with his attacks altered in the opponent’s mind )

( Bling’s eyes turn white, with Bling staring into Zephyros’ eyes )

( Zephyros’ eyes glaze over, as he enters a new dimension )

Zephyros) *Surrounded by millions of two millimeter gem shards, floating around in a blank zone* I WANT OUT!

( Bling flashes, in reality )

( Each gem shard releases a white beam into Zephyros )

Zephyros) WOW, WOW, WOW! THIS IS HOW HOT I AM?! *Catches fire*

( In reality, Bling stabs from a distance )

( Zephyros is stabbed directly, while encased in white flames )

( The white flames burn with such intensity, that the gem shards all disintegrate )


( The dimension blows up )

( Zephyros returns to his ball form )

Renardy) *Appears out of nowhere* Good job! *Shakes Arric’s hand*

Arric) Uh...*Shaking Zie’s hand* You too.

Thoughts on Bling's evolution? How about his sacred ability? Is Bling on the right path of being used now? Comment below.

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