( Hiriger repels his opponent )

???) Ability Activate! Razor Slash! ( ??? gets it claws and slashes its opponent very hard with amazing power )

( ??? 2’s feet touch the ground, but quickly leave it; ??? 2 takes flight towards Hiriger )

Arric) Ability Activate! Thrust Uptop! ( Hiriger’s hair thrust the opponent, then throws the opponent into the air )

( Hiriger’s hair extends )

( ??? 2 slashes some of the hair, but more comes and thrusts his gut )

( ??? 2 shoots into the air )

Arric) Ultimate Ability Activate! Venus Hair-trap! ( The opponent is pulled to the center of Hiriger’s head and is suffocated with hair )

( Hirger’s hairs point towards the opponent, moving a bit )

( The opponent’s pulled to Hiriger’s head )

???) *Throws a white Bakugan out* Rise, Haos Luhyros!

( A cat-like Bakugan comes out of his ball form with white fur. Golden blades stick out of her fur. Her legs are one golden blade each )

( Bling comes out of Arric’s pocket and ball form with a bright shine )

( Luhyros’ golden-lens eyes are unaffected by Bling’s bright shine )

Arric) Ability Activate! Shining Cutter! ( Bling holds his sword out and charges towards his opponent with a shining aura )

( Bling gains a shining aura, holding his sword towards Luhyros’ heart )

???) Ability Activate! Golden Slice! ( Luhyros’ back blades fire into the opponent )

( Luhyros somersaults in midair, her back facing Bling )

( Luhyros’ blades fire off her back )

Bling) EASY FOR THE SHINE MASTER! *Swings his sword at the first blade*

( The first blade falls to the ground )

( Bling lifts his sword into the second blade )

( The second blade flies pass Bling’s head and towards Hiriger and his opponent )

Arric) Ability Activate! Blind Consume! ( Bling creates white flames that consume an opponent )

( Bling spins and slashes the third blade )

( The opponent struggles, but is unable to free himself from the magnetic force pulling him )

( A golden blade gets between Hiriger’s hair and the opponent )

( The blade is clipped and shoots towards Arric )

( Golden sparks are created, zapping Hiriger’s hair and weakening the magnetic force )

( ??? 2 breaks free from the magnetic force, kicking the blade into Hiriger’s skull )

( The blade crashes into Hiriger’s skull, sending him falling towards the ground )


( Bling’s eyes glow white, turning the remaining two blades into white flames )

Luhyros) *Runs in circles around his master* NEED MORE ENERGY! NEED IT, MASTER...I NEED ENERGY!

???) *Digs through his pocket* Hold on for a second...

( Arric watches the blade coming towards him, knowing he cannot avoid them )

( Hiriger quickly falls onto the blade back first )

Hiriger) ERR! *Pulls two hard strands of hair off*

???) Ability Activate! Tornado Blast! ( Zephyros’ hands grip a chaotic, swirling tornado that can damage the opponent's bakugan a lot )

( Zephyros creates a tornado in his hand, while he dives towards Hiriger ) ( Hiriger throws one of his hair strands at Zephyros )

( Zephyros slashes it with his free hand, gripping the tornado he created )

???) Ability Acti- Here’s your sugar...*Dumps sugar into Luhyros’ mouth* -vate! Golden Shout! ( Surfaces slowly turn to gold as Luhyros roars )

Luhyros) *Takes energy out of the sugar, closing his mouth and making a swish sound, then he opens his mouth* RAAAAAAAAWRRRRR!

( Bling covers his ears, losing concentration on the two, white-flamed blades )

( Blind’s eyes turn to their normal color - the blades return to normal )

( Zephyros slams the tornado into Hiriger’s second hair strand; Hiriger uses the strand to block )

( The tornado chaotically rips the hair strand apart and rips into Hiriger’s midsection )

( Hiriger screeches in pain )

Arric) Ab...Ability Activate! Hair’n Clap! ( Hiriger’s hair smashes the opponent on opposite sides )

( Hiriger’s hair rises and smashes Zephyros on two sides )

( Zephyros’ tornado continues its path )

( Hiriger continues to screech )

( Bling collapses onto the ground with two blades through his gut )

( Hiriger stops screeching )

( Zephyros gets off of Hiriger )

( Hiriger returns to his ball form )

( Zephyros leaps into the air )

( Luhyros leaps, landing on Bling )

Bling) AHHH!

( Luhyros gets off Bling )

( Zephyros’ foot falls towards Bling )

( Bling grabs and holds Zephyros’ foot; his skin cracking quickly )

Zephyros) Compared to me, you’re weak! *Pushes his foot*

( Bling’s hands slowly move downwards, with Zephyros’ foot; Bling’s cracks grow bigger with a white glow )

Arric) BLING!

Bling) *Stops Zephyros’ foot in place, with his skin falling off* I’ve been around for so long...Underrated, like you, but worse...Underrated isn’t me anymore!

Zephyros) UNDERRATED?! I’LL SHOW YOU HOW OVERRATED I AM! *Pushes his foot harder*

( Bling throws Zephyros into the air, but his foot )

( A white glow encases Bling )

( Luphyros jumps into the white glow )

Defaming Fogs: Episode 29

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