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The next day, everyone brawling is gathered in the barrier surrounded field...

( Extremis, Valkyrie, Leorse, Culburym, Volf, Weolin, Roxanoid, and Drarieror are all out of their ball forms )

Val) You got the plan?

Wolfgang) I don’t like it, but yeah...I understand the plan...

Val) Well, we just have to follow it.

Wolfgang) I un-

Nexus) Planning? SHUT UP!

Wolfgang) Re-

C22) Ability Activate! 3 Lined Shot! ( Extremis Helios fires three blast of fire at the same time )

( Extremis releases a blast from his chest core, that splits into three fiery blast )

( The first blast rushes towards Leorse and Culburym, the second moves towards Volf and Weolin, and the third heads to Roxanoid and Drarieror )

Ice) Ab-

Leorse) *Behind Culburym* MY JOB! *Charges*

Culburym) *Thin skin becomes a collar around her neck* I can handle th-*Kicked by Leorse*

( Culburym flies through the first fiery blast )

Val) Ability Activate! Barrier of Roars! ( Weolin’s lion head crest roars, creating a barrier )


( An unseeable barrier is created in-front of Weolin and Volf )

( The fiery blast crashes into the barrier and disperses )

( Volf disappears )

( Roxanoid grabs Drarieror and jumps into the air, avoiding the fiery blast )

Valkyrie) INTENSITY PUNCH! *Does a discus spin, his fist heading up*

( Volf comes out of nowhere, biting Culburym, in mid-air )

( Valkyrie punches Volf )

( Volf’s mouth closes completely shut on Culburym, as he harshly crashes onto the ground )

( Culburym shatters into aquamarine; her body encasing Volf in ice )

C22) Ability Activate! Flaring Extreme: (Pyrus)! ( Extremis changes to pyrus, charges a ball of fire above his head and throws it )

( Extremis charges a ball of fire above his head )

( Flareburst Roxanoid lands on top of Extremis, causing the ball of fire to disperse )

( Extremis falls onto the ground with Roxanoid on him )

( Valkyrie punches towards Roxanoid )

( Roxanoid ducks )

Nintendo) Ability Activate! Ruby Bomb! ( Flareburst Roxanoid releases two ruby blast from each of his cannons )

( Roxanoid’s two shoulder cannons releases a ruby blast each )

Nexus) Ability Activate! Cinder Sphere! ( Valkyrie creates a fireball and throws it at the opponent )

( Valkyrie creates a fireball in his hand and throws it at the two ruby blast )


( A small explosion of ruby sparkles happen )

C22) Ability Activate! Blind Extreme: (Haos)! ( Extremis releases a blinding flash after changing to haos )

( Extremis turns to Haos, releasing a flash )

( Roxanoid becomes blinded )

Mike) Ability Activ-*Leorse charges towards Drarieror* Uh...Ability Activate! Thin Dragon Slash! ( A dragon leaves Drarieror's left shoulder cannon and bites the opponent. The dragon then pulls the opponent towards Drarieror. Drarieror slashes the opponent with his sword(s) )

( A dragon leaves Drarieror’s left shoulder cannon, biting Leorse’s left shoulder )

( Drarieror pulls a sword from each of his wings )

( Leorse gets pulled to Drarieror by his shoulder )

( Drarieror holds his blades crossed near his face )

( Leorse jumps and kicks both blades )

( The blades bang into Drarieror’s head; the movement cutting the dragon’s neck off )

( Leorse lands on the ground, while Drarieror falls onto the ground )

Ice) Ability Activate! Burn Crusher! ( Leorse stomps on the opponent multiple times with his flaming feet )

( Leorse walks to Drarieror’s midsection and repeatedly stomps with his flaming feet )


( The ice encasing Volf explodes )

Valkyrie) *Circling all the Bakugan and people below by the ceiling* This is boring.

Nexus) It’s boring, but winning is important for my love.

( Valkyrie sighs )

( Extremis throws Roxanoid off himself )

( Roxanoid flips into a standing position )

( Extremis’ tail slashes Roxanoid’s feet )

( Roxanoid falls into a seated position )

C22) Ultimate Ability Activate! Pyro Cannon (Pyrus)! ( Extremis Helios launches short bursts of fire that explode on impact from his chest core after attribute changes to pyrus )

( Extremis turns to Pyrus, after being Darkus )

Nintendo) Ability Activate! Burnstop! ( Magmaburn Roxanoid jumps into the air and lands on the opponent with a burst of heat )

( Roxanoid rolls on the ground )

( Extremis chest core charges )

( Roxanoid comes close to kicking Extremis, but Extremis releases a blast from his chest core )


( The blast explodes )

( Roxanoid flies backwards )

( Extremis suddenly gets encased in ice )


( The ice explodes )

( Extremis returns to his ball form )

C22) …

( Leorse stomps on Drarieror )

Ice) 24...

( Roxanoid crashes into Leorse )

( Leorse rolls through with his eight blades in Roxanoid’s skin )

Ice) Ability Activate! Electrolizer! ( Leorse’s eight blade tips touch the opponent and release electricity into the opponent’s body )

( Electricity enters Roxanoid’s body )

Flareburst Roxanoid) ARGH!

Nintendo) Ability Activate! Comet Drop! ( Flareburst Roxanoid turns to a fireball )

( Roxanoid rolls Leorse forward, then jumps high into the air with Leorse )

( Roxanoid and Leorse fall as a fireball )

Mike) Drarieror, get up!

( Crysemtion Volf throws Culburym with her mouth )

( Drarieror gets up )

( Culburym crashes into Drarieror )


( Roxanoid and Leorse land on top of Culburym and Drarieror )

( Roxanoid, Leorse, Culburym, and Drarieror return to their ball forms )

( Weolin hangs on the ceiling by his blades )

( Valkyrie charges towards Weolin, covered in red flames )

( Weolin lets his blades go and falls )

( Valkyrie follows Weolin downwards )

( Volf appears, slamming Valkyrie away )

( Valkyrie crashes onto the ground, Weolin lands on the ground, and Volf charges towards Valkyrie )

Meanwhile, by DF and Nirrel...

DF) ZZZ...zzz...ZZZzzz

Nirrel) Pssst, DF...

DF) ZZZ...zzz...ZZZzzz

Nirrel) DF, wake up...

( A giant dragon crawls towards Nirrel and DF )

Nirrel) …*Pulls a bomb out from his fur*

DF) ZZZ...zzz...ZZZzzz

Nirrel) WELL THEN! *Throws the bomb at DF*


On Corper...

Osbyss Tigator) *Sensing a powerful lifeform* It’s coming...

Arric) What’s coming?

Osbyss Tigator) *Looks down* Something stronger than Darterym...

Arric) …

Osbyss Tigator) *Sighs* And I have to protect this planet, so Arric...

Arric) Open the portal.

Osbyss Tigator) I promise I’ll stay safe...*Opens a portal in-front of Arric and himself*

OTGH) We’ll all stay safe.

Arric) Tigator...

Osbyss Tigator) Listening...

Arric) *Stops in-front of the portal, looking back to Tigator. * Promise me that you’ll come back to Earth...

Osbyss Tigator) Cor-

Arric) It’s not going to survive once you detach yourself from it.

Osbyss Tigator) If everything fails, I will go back to Earth...Okay?

Arric) Thanks. *Enters the portal*

Osbyss Tigator) *Looks up into the sky* I’m ready.

In space...

( Rausen floats towards Corper, not completely formed )

Defaming Fogs: Episode 25

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