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That night...

Wolfgang) What's wrong?

Samantha) Nothing.

Wolfgang) You sure, you're all squirmy.

Samantha) Yeah.

Wolfgang) Do you need a little bit more room, I can move to the floor, if you want.

Samantha) Nah.

Wolfgang) Okay

Samantha) You know...It's empty since the last time...

Wolfgang) Yeah, no Jenna or Alexandria.

Samantha) Or Aaron.

Wolfgang) Yeah.

Samantha) Speaking of which, can you explain where you were?

Wolfgang) Tomorrow morning...

Samantha) Really *Rolls over to face Wolfgang*, why are you making me wait so long?

Wolfgang) Because I am...

Samantha) When's the last time we kissed?

Wolfgang) Two years ago, on your birthday.

Samantha) That's a pretty long time isn't it?

Wolfgang) Yeah.

Samantha) *Gets closer to Wolfgang* Why don't we kiss right now?

Wolfgang) I don't know.

Samantha) But you know...I can wait until tomorrow. Shave that beard and mustache, then I'll kiss you.

Wolfgang) Why ar-

Samantha) Oh and tell me where you've been too.

Wolfgang) Okay.

Samantha) Good night.

Wolfgang) Good night, sweatheart.


DF) *Still in the same place as early* ZZZ...zzz...ZZZzzz

Nirrel) ZZZ..zzz...ZZZzzz

( The ground shakes )

Defaming Fogs: Episode 3

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