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( The hand clubs on Nirrel's back, knocking him back onto the ground )

( Nirrel tries getting back up, but is clubbed back to the ground )

Nirrel) ...*Gets back up*

( The Bakugan goes for another clubbing blow )

( Nirrel slides himself out of the way )

( The Bakugan slams his fist onto the ground )

( Nirrel pulls two guns out of his fur, then turns to his side, shooting )

( Nirrel slides closer and closer to DF )

DF) O_O I WILL NOT BE ROADKILL! *Rolls into a hiding place*

( The Bakugan gets shoot many times )

( Nirrel stops at the edge of the levitating, dark, mystrious area )

( The Bakugan walks towards Nirrel, unharmed )

Nirrel) *Elbows the ground, accidently throwing his guns down below* Oops! *Digs in fur*

( The Bakugan swings its arm )

( Nirrel pulls a shuriken and holds it to his belly as if he was waiting for his death )

( The Bakugan's fist hits Nirrel, but it was also pierced by the shuriken )

( Thick purple fog comes out of the Bakugan's fist )

Nirrel) Ti...*Falls asleep*

DF) ZZZ...zzz...ZZzz


Samantha) ...

( A breathing sound comes out of the small radio )

Wolf) *Speaking into the radio* This isn't <beep> funny!

( More breathing is heard through the small radio )

Wolf) *Speaks through the radio* DIDN'T I TEACH YOU CORRECTLY?!

Wolfgang) No, you were barely around!

Wolf) ...

Samantha) WOLFGANG!

Wolf) *Speaks through the radio* Hurry up, I got a knife...I'm walk towards Samantha...Come save her!

( Loud foot steps are heard )

Samantha) Liar.

Wolf) Sh...

Wolfgang) *Standing in the same room as Wolf* Let her go, Dad.

Wolf) Do you really think I would let your pathetic wife go?

Wolfgang) No.

Wolf) Then try something.

Wolfgang) Do you really want me to try something? I'll hurt you.

Wolf) Try it!

( Wolfgang walks towards Wolf )

( Wolf punches )

Wolfgang) *Blocks* Now...*Pulls Wolf in, lifting him like he was a crumb*

Wolf) O_O

Wolfgang) Wall or cell...Huh...Samantha, I'm coming! *Slams Wolf through the wall, pulling him out* NOW THE CELL! *Runs Wolf through the cell*

( Samantha exits the cell, while Wolfgang takes his time to get back up )

Samantha) Wolfgang...

Wolfgang) *Looks at Wolf* Next time, I'm going to play rough.

Samantha) *Puts her hand on Wolfgang's left shoulder* Wolfgang, thank you...

Wolfgang) *Looks at Samantha* You're welcome *Quickly spits on Wolf* Sweatheart...

Samantha) So...Home?

Wolfgang) Yeah...*Walks towards Samantha* Let me just...*Creates a portal* There we go...Enter and I'll follow...

Samantha) *Grabs Wolfgang's hand* No...

Wolfgang) *Glances at Samantha with a smile* ...

( Samantha and Wolfgang walk into the portal, that closes instantly )

Wolf) *Just missing the way into the portal* PATHETIC! *Wipes spit off his face* This isn't over...

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