Wolfgang) *In head* Samantha, he cannot have you...

( Wolfie's mouth slowly opens )

Demenatic Wolfie) ...

( Wolfgang holds Wolfie's mouth open )

( Wolfie pushes hard, but Wolfgang continues to keep Wolfie's mouth in place )

Demenatic Wolfie) AWOOO! *Winds push Wolfgang out and her mouth slams shut*

( Wolfgang crashes onto the ground, next to a wall )

( Wolfie disappears )

( Wolfgang puts his hands out, catching Wolfie in her tracks )

Demenatic Wolfie) *Appears* ...

Wolfgang) Where is she?!

( Wolfie applies more pressure to her speed )

( Evantually, Wolfie applies too much pressure and headbutts the ground )

( Wolfgang takes advantage, dropping elbows and knees all over Wolfie's body )

( Wolfie slowly gets back up )

( Wolfgang jumps onto, punching rapidly at her head )

( Wolfie slams Wolfgang into the wall, leaving cracks )

( Wolfgang falls off Wolfie )

( Wolfie bites Wolfgang )

( Wolfgang turns to white spheres )

( The white spheres grab Wolfie's legs and release a electrical field )

( The electricity spread over Wolfie's body )

( Wolfie spins her body rapidly, causing the spheres to shoot off )

( The spheres come together, reforming Wolfgang )

Wolfgang) If you aren't going to tell me, I'll beat it out of you!

Demenatic Wolfie) HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS?!

Wolfgang) I will not tell!

( Wolfie disappears, as does Wolfgang )

( They both appear hitting each other )

( Wolfie crashes back onto the ground, while Wolfgang lands on his feet )

Wolfgang) Wolfie, you're so weak! SERIOUSLY, I'M A HUMAN!

Demenatic Wolfie) Neathian.

Wolfgang) Whatever! *Disappears*

( Wolfie opens and closes her mouth )

( Shards of crystal falls out of Wolfie's mouth )

( Wolfgang appears on top of Wolfie, dropkicking both her eyes )

( Wolfgang rolls off Wolfie's head, landing on his feet )

( Wolfie is lifted by Wolfgang )

( Wolfgang holds Wolfie in midair, then suplexes her onto the ground )

( Wolfgang lifts Wolfie back into the air and suplexes her onto the ground again )

( Wolfgang rolls to his feet, looking at Wolfie )

( Wolfie releases a blast of wind from her mouth )

( Wolfgang crashes into the ceiling, leaving cracks and a dent )

( Wolfie releases another windy blast )

( Wolfgang also releases a windy blast from his mouth )

( Wolfgang's blast engulfs Wolfie's, hitting her )

( Wolfgang falls back onto his feet from the ceiling )

( Wolfie stands next to Wolfgang )

Demenatic Wolfie) You cannot...

Wolfgang) I AM! *Grabs Wolfie, releasing electricity into Wolfie's body*

Demenatic Wolfie) YOU CANNOT! *Bites Wolfgang and spins in a drill motion*

( Wolfie slams Wolfgang through a wall )

( Wolfgang flies out of Wolfie's mouth and onto the ground )

( Wolfie continues moving towards Wolfgang )

( Wolfgang roundhouses Wolfie in seconds )

( Wolfie crashes onto the ground )

( Wolfgang appears and disappears ten times, opening ten portals around Wolfie )

Wolfgang) AWOOO!

( Ten different rays come out of the portals )

( Wolfie gets hit )



DF) ...

Nirrel) And I saved you again.

DF) So?

Nirrel) ...*Closes eyes and thinks to himself* I save his life...He hates me. I save his life twice...He still hates me...


Nirrel) *In head* Why does he hate me...WHY?!

( An arm hits Nirrel )

( Nirrel crashes onto the ground )

( DF slides on the ground )

Nirrel) ...*Slowly gets back up* ...

Defaming Fogs: Episode 15

Defaming Fogs: Episode 14 was...?

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Wolfgang faced Wolfie and dominated? Were you surprised? Did it make any sense?

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