Two years later, during nighttime...

??? 1) Goodnight.

??? 2) Goodnight, sweetheart...*Kisses ??? 1*

( ??? 1 kisses back )

??? 2) See you in a few weeks...

??? 1) Same.

That morning, in a foggy day...

( A portal opens )

( Val walks out of the portal, his eyes widening and increasing in size )

( Wolfgang walks out, while holding Jenna's hand )

Wolfgang) Wow...

Jenna) We home now?

Wolfgang) Yes we are Jenna.

Jenna) We have a big home.

Wolfgang) Yes we do.

Jenna) We go in? Yes.

Wolfgang) You beat me to it...

( Jenna smiles, leaving Wolfgang behind, skipping to the steps )

Val) *Walking* She's pretty happy, isn't she yeah...

Wolfgang) *Also walking* Yeah.

Val) She probably doesn't even remember Samantha.

Wolfgang) True, I'm just curious about how she'll act...

Val) Well, if she acts scared, you have to brawl me.

Wolfgang) Okay, sure...I really don't think she's act scared of her mom. *Raises voice* Right?

Jenna) I want to see my Mommy.

Wolfgang) See...She's not going to act scared.

( Jenna slowly walks up the steps )

Wolfgang) Good job.

Jenna) I did it!

Wolfgang) Yes you did.

( Jenna smiles, while looking at the door )

Wolfgang) *Whispers* Exactly like the way I wanted my house remodeled. I owe Harterym a thank you.

Val) Okay.

( Wolfgang and Val start walking up the steps )

Wolfgang) *While walking up the steps* Jenna, can you knock on the door?

( Jenna doesn't move )

Wolfgang) Jenna, watch.

Jenna) My shoe.

Wolfgang) *Just about to knock on the door* Your shoe is...?

( Jenna points to her shoe )

Wolfgang) It's untied...I'll tie it for you.

( Wolfgang bends down and ties Jenna's shoe )

Wolfgang) *Looks at Jenna* Better?

Jenna) Yes.

Wolfgang) Can you knock on the door?

Jenna) No.

Wolfgang) Okay. *Knocks on the door*

( No answer )

( Wolfgang knocks on the door again )

( The doorknob moves )

Wolfgang) ... *Picks Jenna up*

( The door opens with Samantha and her wet hair, unbrushed )

( Jenna turns away from Samantha, looking kind of scared )

( Samantha covers her mouth and starts walking away, oddly )

Wolfgang) *Walks inside* Um...Okay?

Val) *Follows Wolfgang* Jenna, were you scared?

Jenna) Yes.

Val) Wolfgang, you owe me a brawl.

Wolfgang) Whatever, she could have just said that...*Sees a door close*

( Wolfgang walks towards the door he saw close )

Meanwhile, in a dark and foggy place...

DF) ...

Nirrel) *Staring at DF* ...

DF) We have to free Meteonoid.

Nirrel) We don't need him. I JUST WANT OUT!

DF) Then why did you come in the first place.

Nirrel) I DIDN'T!

DF) Then why are you here?

Nirrel) I came here...

DF) *Nods yes* Uh huh.

Wolfgang has entered the room with Jenna...

Wolfgang) Samantha...

( Samantha comes out of the bathroom, with her hair drier than before )

Samantha) Yes?

Wolfgang) Hi.

Samantha) Hey, where have you been?

Wolfgang) Ugh...I'll explain that one later...How have you been?

Samantha) Lonely. I've missed you.

Wolfgang) I'm sorry.

Samantha) It's fine. I've seen that Jenna's grown.

Wolfgang) Yes she has. Wasn't she suppose to be Mommy's little princess.

Samantha) Yeah.

Wolfgang) She's more Daddy's little princess, then your little princess.

Samantha) I got Alexandria, though.

Wolfgang) Jenna. Come on, you can look at Mommy, she's not going to bite.

Jenna) No looking at Mommy.

Wolfgang) Jenna...

Samantha) It's fine, Wolfgang. She hasn't seen me nor does she remember me, it's going to take her a little while. Besides, you missed your son's birth.

Wolfgang) I know T.T

Samantha) Why can't you stay around to see when your children are born!

Wolfgang) *Shocked* Ugh...

Samantha) *Hugs Wolfgang* I love you.

Wolfgang) I love you too.

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